Chance this rising senior!

<p>I am looking at Georgetown SFS, William and Mary, UPenn, Vanderbilt, Duke, and Stanford, as well as several colleges abroad. </p>

<p>Me: Tri-citizen (US, Ireland, Brazil) living in DC for the past 3 years; have lived on three continents</p>

GPA: 3.74 (w); moved school after sophomore year from one that doesn't weight to one that does, so this doesn't include freshman and sophomore year (they ended up at about 3.2 uw)
Rank: School doesn't rank, at highly competitive private school so probably top 25%
SAT: 2200 (800 CR; 680 M; 720 W) SAT II: 730 World History; 790 Lit
APs: World History- 5; English Lit- 5; English Lang- 5; US Gov- 5; APES- 4
Grades: mostly Bs Freshman and Sophomore year; moved to a more academic school and got almost straight As Junior year</p>

<p>Senior year courses:
AP European History and AP US History (joint class)
Honors Physics
English (no honors/APs offered)
Intro to Calculus
AP Latin
AP Statistics </p>


<p>Model UN - lots of leadership roles and awards including Outstanding Delegate at NAIMUN (biggest Model UN conference in the western hemisphere; 3000+ delegates).
Volunteer work - Title-1 public school; 150+ hours. About to start at no-kill shelter in DC
Swim team - 3 Varsity letters; lifeguard certified
JSA - President and Founder; very involved and won Best Speaker at JSA Summer School
Yearbook - Staff Junior year, Editor senior year</p>

Took classes at Georgetown summer after freshman year in Intro to Medicine and International Relations; since decided that IR is my path</p>

<p>Worked over the summer at a very high-profile law firm in Ireland (all the lawyers I worked with offered to write letters of recommendation, including the executive partner)</p>

<p>Worked doing research at Trinity College Dublin (in Ireland) during the summer at the Institute for International Integration Studies</p>

US Gov teacher and APES teacher; both should be good</p>

Four written so far: one about dealing with an anorexic friend; one about trying to identify 'home' and dealing with stereotypes while frequently moving; one about Model UN (extra curricular), and one about challenging myself to try things (like teaching myself the AP World History curriculum and getting a 5 on it) even when the obstacles seem insurmountable.</p>


<p>Stanford and upenn will be tough but every other school you should get into</p>

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<p>Thanks, Steve! I hope so, but the standard has gotten so high that its hard to tell. </p>

<p>Anyone else have input?</p>

<p>You should get into William & Mary. I know people with lower GPA's, lower SAT's & worse EC's that got in.</p>

<p>Georgetown= low reach/match
William and Mary=accepted
UPenn=high reach
Duke= mid/low reach
Stanford=high reach</p>

<p>I agree with what's been said. I think you're an excellent candidate for Georgetown because of your passion for international relations, and the fact that you followed that interest with relevant EC's. Good Luck!</p>

<p>The only schools that I would consider reaches are Stanford and Upenn. But those are reaches for ANYONE. The rest, I believe, you will be a highly competitive applicant and have a high chance of getting in! And thanks for chancing me! :)</p>

<p>Stanford and UPenn are probably reach schools for you, but not completely out of your league by any means! Duke is a match/slight reach. I think you can definitely get into William and Mary and Vanderbilt. Georgetown you should also be able to get into, and i dont know how much you liked it in comparison to the others but it seems like it would be a great match for your interests and give you a lot of opportunities. I think Georgetown will also see this compatibility and (hopefully!) accept you! Good luck!</p>

<p>Stanford and UPenn will be high reaches for sure but they are for anyone lol. You are a competitive applicant at all Ivy's and other top tier schools.
Duke: Low Reach (I think you will get in but you will not get merit aid)
William & Mary: Safety (w/ merit aid)
Georgetown: Match
Vandy: Low-Mid Reach (Reason I say this is because Vandy is increasing in applicants/avg test scores/avg gpa's every year at a shockingly high pace. They are very well as tough to get into as some low level Ivy's such as Brown or Cornell).</p>

<p>I remember Georgetown needs 3 SAT II ?</p>

<p>Georgetown SFS, William and Mary, UPenn, Vanderbilt, Duke, and Stanford, </p>

<p>Georgetown: high match/low reach
William & Mary: match
Penn: high reach (20% chance - a little higher than average, but not much)
Vandy: low/mid reach
Duke: mid reach
Stanford: very high reach</p>

<p>I think what hurts you most is probably your GPA; a weighted 3.74 is kinda low for a lot of these schools, unless your high school has a reputation as a particularly tough one. Your ECs are pretty good though, although not at the "I-wrote-a-NYT-Best-Selling-book-about-how-I-cured-cancer" level. They will definitely help you for Georgetown, since they seem to emphasize IR and related interests.</p>

<p>I really like your first three essay topics, but I'm not so sure about the last one. The first three seem like they have more potential to tell the reader more about you as a person, while the last doesn't say much other than, "Yeah, I'm pretty smart and I can learn a lot of information quickly." If you're concerned about how to let them know that you self-studied that AP exam, they will probably be able to see the fact that you didn't take the corresponding course but did take the exam, and scored well on it. </p>

<p>Good luck, and thanks for chancing me!</p>

<p>I'd say you're in at Georgetown. Your GPA is low, but that's offset by your ridiculous ECs, which Georgetown looks at very closely. Also the triple citizenship should make you look very attractive to most schools. I suggest you use the essay about moving all the time and trying to identify home, and talk about how that has shaped you as a person, Georgetown will LOVE that.</p>

<p>boa sorte!</p>