Chance U of I (Will chance back)

<p>Alright, so my friend was deferred with a 28 on his ACT from the engineering school. He's in a few EC's, choir and NHS. He doesn't really do much more. I believe he has a UW GPA of a 3.8 as well. I'm just curious for my own sake, I never applied early action, but my scores are a little higher than his (29 ACT, same GPA) and I am a lot more involved than he is. I applied early December, so they told me I should know by mid-February.</p>


<p>ACT: 29
English: 27
Math: 31
Reading: 25
Science: 33</p>

<p>All 4 years of high school I have taken every core class as an honors class. This year I am taking AP Stats, AP Calc BC, AP Government</p>

<p>I'll list off all my EC's:
Band (7 years, received numerous honors)
Marching Band (2 years)
Volleyball (4 years, Varsity 3 years, Varsity captain 1 year)
Mathletes (3 years)
Student Council (I've done around 50 hours of community service with them)
Youth and Government</p>

<p>Other stuff:
Club Volleyball my Junior year (took a lot of time out of my schedule)
Nursing home community service: 25 hours
band community service: 50 hours</p>

<p>Jobs: (Not sure if these help, but if they do a little, someone tell me)
Lifeguard (this past summer)
Receptionist at a Nursing Home (over the summer)
IHOP Server (past 5 months, hopefully going to serve until college)</p>

<p>Also, my essays were pretty damn good if I do say so myself.</p>

<p>I know people are just going to comment "UIUC - Reach" and give me no feedback, but if anyone would like to give me feedback, that'd be great. ALSO, MY FRIEND WAS DEFERRED, SO I BELIEVE THAT HE HAS A GOOD SHOT INTO BEING ACCEPTED STILL, AND I FEEL LIKE I AM MORE QUALIFIED THAN HE IS (not trying to sound conceited), SO WOULDN'T I?</p>

<p>UIUC engineering: Reach (did you try another college within UIUC?)</p>

<p>no just engineering. I’m quite sure I’ll be admitted as an undecided major (they give you the option to go into undecided if you weren’t admitted into the college you wanted) but I feel like getting into the engineering program at U of I would be difficult if I took that path…</p>

<p>bump for more input</p>

<p>I believe undecided general engineering and non-engineering general studies are different. Your score is too low for engineering but high match for general study.</p>