Chanceeeeeee meeee pleaasseeee

<p>So, I have a long list of colleges to sort through. But i was just wondering what my chances are in getting in to some of these colleges. Any feedback would be much appreciated</p>

<p>The List of Colleges: Johns Hopkins, Georgetown, Tufts, Amherst, Stanford, UC Berkeley, Colgate</p>

<p>All about ME:</p>

<p>-I am a Caucasian female from a small suburb town located near Philadelphia. I am interested in biology.</p>

<p>-School Record: I have a 5.09 Weighted GPA (out of a possible 5.3). Weighted GPA is a 4.0
Freshman Year: H World Lit, H World Cultures, H French 3, H* Algebra 2 BC (H* in my school equals an 'AP' Class that doesn't have an official AP test), AP Bio
Soph. Year: AP Euro History, H American Lit, H French 4, H* Analysis BC (pre-calc), AP Chem 1
Jr. Year: H US History, AP Lang and Comp, AP Chem 2, H French 5, AP Calc AB
Senior Year: H US Gov, AP Econ (Micro/Macro), AP Lit and Comp, AP Physics, H French 6, AP Stat
*Throughout my high school career I have earned 94's and above in all classes.</p>

<p>-SATs-- 770 (CR), 760 (Math), 740 (Writing) so that is 2270 total, 690 bio, 710 Math 2</p>

<p>-Extracurricular--I am in NHS, I am the creator of a club at my school. I also spearheaded, through the club I created, a district-wide student-faculty basketball game that raised over $10,000 for a wounded vet from our area. I am also (and have been) a member of about 10 service clubs for at least 2 years per club. Locally, I volunteer at an animal shelter and have worked as a tutor and instructor at a local learning center. Also, i worked for the yearbook staff for one year</p>

<p>Next year i am participating in an independent study at my school where i will study organic chemistry and i will be joining science Olympiad </p>

<p>I know this isn't a lot to go on, but please just give me some feedback. Thankkksss</p>

<p>As you probably already know, Stanford is a reach for virtually everyone. To a lesser extent, so are Georgetown, JHU, Tufts, and Amherst. Admission to Colgate should be somewhat more predictable for kids with high stats, but is still not guaranteed if you don't show some enthusiasm or if something is amiss in your application.</p>

<p>Is money an issue? These are all expensive schools. Your apparent "safety" (Berkeley) may not give you much money. So if you need it, I would not consider it a safety at all. A middle class applicant could easily be shut out of all these schools by a combination of rejections and inadequate aid.</p>