chances ... again [hey, what's the forum for then?]

<p>i'm looking at UPenn, Harvard, Princeton, MIT, JHU BME, Duke Pratt, Brown PLME [no specific order] and probably going to major in biomed [neural concentration] with some history/econ related minor/dbl major. also probably very interested in med school</p>

<p>which college/university seems a good match, and are there others?
anything i should do to improve my image [i'm content, but not happy about some stats]?</p>

Junior from nationally ranked public high school in a suburb of Philadelphia, PA
Ethnicity - Asian; 1st gen in USA
GPA - 4.99 [weighted up to 5.3]; 4.0 [unweighted]</p>

9th - Honors English, Social Studies, French 2; AP Pre-Calculus BC, Biology
10th - Honors English, French 3; Pre - AP Chemistry; AP Euro History, Calculus BC
11th - AP Lang & Comp, Chem 2, Physics C: Mech, US History, Computer Science, French 4
12th [planned] - AP Lit & Comp, Physics C: EM, US Gov, Comparative Gov, French 5, Econ/Psych, Statistics [or Villanova Math]</p>

PSAT - V68, M80, W69 [2003]; V65, M76, W74 [2004]
<strong>maybe semifinalists [215?] not exactly sure</strong></p>

<p>SAT - 1410 [M800, V610, Dec2002], 1490 [M780, V710, Dec2004]
<strong>plan to take new SAT in June</strong></p>

<p>SAT II Bio E - 750
SAT II Math IIC - 800
<strong>plan to take SAT II Writing in Jan</strong>
<strong>plan to take SAT II Chem in May</strong></p>

<p>AP Bio - 5
AP Euro History - 5
AP Calc BC - 5
<strong>15-ish exams done by graduation [school offers 25-30]</strong></p>

<p>Honors & Awards:
2004 AP Scholar
Service & Leadership Award - 10
Honor Roll
U.S. Achievement Academy - Science Award Recipient [2002]
National Honor Society
Tri-M Music Honor Society</p>

<p>Research and Special Experiences:
Lab aide at CHOP for research in electrophysiology [focus on serotonin stuff]
Villanova Summer School by Scholarship - Multivariable Calculus</p>

<p>Co-curricular Activities:
Academic Competition Team - 9, 10, 11; JV Captain - 10, 11
Math Competition Team - 9, 10, 11; JV Captain - 9; Varsity Captain -10, 11
AMC 10 and AIME - 9, 10
Science Olympiad - 10
Student Council - Class Secretary - 9, Senator - 10
Leadership Forum organized by State Senator - 10
Newspaper - 10, 11; Technical Editor - 11
Model UN - 10, 11; NAIMUN
Young Democrats - 10, 11
Asian-American Culture Society - 9, 10, 11
Concert Choir - 9, 10
Select Choir - 9, 10; Tenor Section Leader - 10
Symphony Orchestra - 9, 10, 11; Assistant Concertmaster - 11
Pit Orchestra - [twice]</p>

<p>Service & Work:
Youth Orchestra - 10, 11
Youth Chamber Orchestra - 10
Library Volunteer - 9; Employee - 10, 11</p>

<p>what is ap-precalculus bc?</p>

<p>How much does the AIME help for Ivies?</p>

<p>it's just precalc for the BC track. the AP label is for gpa weighting at my school</p>

<p>you have fair chance for all of them. Getting into Harvard, Princeton, and MIT is like winning lottery. You should be able to get into the rest of the colleges.</p>

<p>i have a very good shot at being V captain of academic competition team as well as president of Model UN [hopefully some award this year was israel in sochum], NHS officer, TRI-M officer, Managing Editor of Newspaper, and leadership in Asian American</p>

<p>anything else i can to do strength my case. i know i have decent shots, but i was wondering if there's anything i can bring out?</p>

<p>bump ....</p>

<p>Harvard- Long Shot Reach
Yale- Long Shot Reach
Princeton- Long Shot Reach
Brown- Reach
Darthmonth- Reach
Cornell- Reach
Emory- Match
SUNY Albany- Saftey</p>