chances at any of the ivies... engineering...

<p>I know this is long, please bear with me, and this is most appreciated… </p>

<p>i'm an asian male junior in a public school, fairly competitive #18 in nj, of about 450 in my grade... </p>

<p>my weighted gpa is a 4.5798
my unweighted gpa is a 3.59
my rank (though they don't give it anymore) is probably around the 20-25/450
I have taken 5 AP courses through this year: physics B(5), Chemistry(5), Biology, Calculus BC, Stat, and all my other courses have all been honors... through my junior year i have 137.5 credits, i'll have 180 or 190 by the time i graduate (need 120 to graduate)... senior year, i plan to take AP programming, psychology, Physics C, and latin... </p>

<p>i scored a 198 on my psats sophmore year 72, 61, 65 for math, writing, and reading respectively, another one tomorrow yay! haha... and on the last sat i took i scored a 1460, an 800 on math and a 660 on English (thank you retakes). my SAT II scores are an 800 on math IIc, a 740 on chem, and a 690 on physics. (i also plan on taking writing) </p>

<li>I took alg/II trig honors as a freshman as an independent study, and I am taking latin III as an independent study… </li>

interact & able
peer tutoring (in school)
latin club
latin honor society
hunterdon symphony 1st violin 3rd chair (counts as volunteer hours, perform dress rehearsals at senior centers and for mentally disabled)
violin (9 years)
saturday strings was 1st chair 1st violin (also counts for volunteer, play at hospitals and senior centers)
gaming club (chess/pente things of that sort)
intermural hockey (2 years captain of team)
math league (9th place all state as a freshman…)
AMC competition: 99 as freshman, 96 as sophmore
chemistry club (president)
chemistry olympics (5th in state)
science league (chemistry/physics)
model UN
pit orchestra (1st violin)
volunteer tutoring (personal) 2 hrs per week... </p>

<p>I know I can get wonderful recommendations, my teachers love me and think that i’m all hardwork and no play… haha, considering all those things… </p>

<p>i was wondering what my chances are to apply early... i think i can score maybe a 2100 on the new sats which would be like a 1400 on the old ones maybe a little better depending on my English guessing ability on the day of the test... thanks… also how do they do unweighted, do all a’s a- through a+ get a 4? My schools a little weird on that...</p>

<p>oh right, can you guys also tell me if i match or reach for ed or ea to these schools too?:</p>

<p>MIT, upenn, jhu, columbia seas, harvard, princeton, yale (those last three HA!)</p>

<p>bump...... (i hate this 10 charactar rule...)</p>

<p>Well I can tell you that it'll be a reach for the last three. I don't know quite enough about the first four, though.</p>

<p>bump bump bump</p>