Chances at BC, Wake Forest, USC, UCSD & Vanderbilt

<p>Private HS, SoCal
Race/Gender: Indian Male
Unweighted GPA: 3.3
Weighted GPA: 3.5
Class Rank: School doesn't rank
Classes: 3 AP's junior year
2 AP's senior year</p>

<p>AP Bio:5
AP Eng:3
AP Hist:3</p>

<p>SAT I Scores:
best composite: 1340
best single sitting: 1300</p>

<p>SAT II Scores:
Math IC: 660 (retaking)
Writing: 640 (retaking)
Biology: 750</p>


<p>4 years V swim team
4 years V waterpolo team
3 years orchestra
1 year school newspaper</p>

<p>Comm. Service:
48 hours Belmont convalescent home
450 hours TMMC (hospital) ER</p>

<p>Am I just wasting my time & money?</p>

<p>you will have no problem getting into UCSD because its not that difficult.</p>

<p>i agree, you should be able to get into UCSD and BC, good luck</p>

<p>Does a disparity between composite score and single sitting score make a difference?</p>

<p>Your chances are good at BC, Wake Forest, and UCSD. Vanderbilt is iffy, as is USC.</p>

<p>I would use ED/EA if there is a clear first choice school to which you would like to attend most. Also, I would contact a coach at those schools to see if you can be considered an athlete--as you get a bit of a break in admissions. Just a thought.</p>

<p>Hope this helps.</p>

<p>Depends on major at UCSD, your GPA is considerably below their average. Write a great essay.</p>