Chances at being accepted at Illinois Wesleyan

<p>Hi everyone, as the title says I want to have a good idea as to what my chances would be at getting into Illinois Wesleyan and other schools much like it. If you believe I'm "reaching for the stars" can you recommend to me the type of college or university I actually have a shot at? Thank you in advance! =)</p>

<p>Name: Rudy J
Ethnicity: Hispanic (First Generation Student)
Freshman Year GPA: 2.0 (Something like that)
Sophomore Year GPA: 3.5
Junior Year GPA: 3.8
Overall GPA: 3.1
ACT Composite Score: 29
AP Exams...
US History= 4 or 5
Macro= 4 or 5
Micro= 3 or 4
Politics= 3
Freshman **Year*: None
**Sophomore Year
: Speech Team (For one year only/won first place at accredited competition for "novices and placed in other competitions)
**Junior Year
: None
**Senior Year
: Will be in Mu Alpha Theta and Youth&Government (Possibly cross-country as well)
**Volunteer Work
*: Just under 100 hours but I am will add to it over Senior Year and this summer</p>

<p>Well that’s all I can think of to put down as of now and I am sorry if it hard to read. Any and all remarks are welcome. </p>

<p>Oh and if it helps my Senior Year is not a "blow-off" year and includes challenging courses.</p>

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<p>No love for Wesleyan...One more try