Chances at Buffalo State College?


<p>Alright, so first off, I am an out of state resident (New Jersey) and I have applied to Buffalo State. I heard it was extremely easy to get into but after doing some research, it seems more of a mixed pot so I thought I'd come here for some opinions to ease the anxiety. (whether you guys say yes or no, it'll calm me down! I swear!)</p>

<p>I stated Communication Design (Graphic Design) as my major. My grades in high school were not so good, mostly Cs and Bs. I didn't really care considering two of my family members at the time were dying so I really struggled to get through it (I explained this in my supplemental application).</p>

<p>I ended up obtaining my GED at the end of my junior year (this just keeps getting more promising, doesn't it? :P) After that, I took one semester at a community college in liberal arts taking aimless classes just to get my feet wet and get back into the gear of school again. Nothing came of it, but I ended up with an F in Psychology, an A in Political Science and a B+ in guitar. So I had a 2.5 GPA.</p>

<p>My overall score on the GED was 2930.
SAT scores:
Critical Readng 550
Math 400
Writing 450</p>

<p>Am I hopeless? I'm confident that my essay was solid, but do you think I will get more leeway with my grades because of my major? I was so excited, too!! I love Buffalo. I hope all hope is not lost :( Let me know what you think. Good or bad!</p>

<p>[YouTube</a> - Buffalo State College. Graduate in 10 years.](<a href=“- YouTube”>- YouTube)</p>