Chances At Colleges?

<p>Hey I was wondering if anyone can help me out as to which schools in state (CA) or out of state I should apply to that I should be able to get in for a journalism or business major.
My weighed GPA is a 4.0 and my unweighted is 3.23
1810 SAT (650 M, 590 CR, 570 W)</p>

<p>I have a bunch of extracurriculars that I won't get much into, other than having three years of being on a school newspaper and having a complete business plan ready to go, but I have obviously taken a whole bunch of Honors/AP as you can tell from my GPA jump. However first semester of junior year I had 4 C's (all weighted) and only 1 A, mainly due to the fact that I moved from Maryland to a very competitive school in California that sent a record amount of students to Ivy League schools this year. This semester I will probably get 3 A's (1 weighted) and 3 B's(all weighted) so that should help me out a lot. I mean, is the first semester drop going to hurt me or is my comeback this semester going to help me out by showing that I can overcome adversity? </p>

<p>Responses and ideas of schools are welcome! Thanks!</p>