Chances at Cornell, Uof Chicago, Notre Dame, Uva, Jhu....

<p>Here's a list of all the colleges I'm applying to please rate chances by reach, match, safety, and nething in between:
Cornell ED
Univ of Chicago
Notre Dame
Renselear Polytech

<p>SAT's SAT 1590 (800m709V) MathIIC800 Ushist730 Writing730
Grades: 96UW over100(like103) weighted
rank 2/215 in private school
Awards: a lot of them from the school and one for being a good hospital volunteer honor roll</p>

<p>EC's Hospital Volunteer
Art Club Secretary
Varsity Swim Team
Student Govt for 2 years
I worked on a political Campaign for a local US Congresswoman
Chess Club
Mock Trial
I've had a job since i was 12 and I recently clerked for a local chemical company (my major is chemistry)
Any Feedback would be greatly appreciated i know this board has been moving fast recently</p>

<p>o yea i was thinking about yale too but i thought it was too much of a reach neway since im white and havent undergone much in the way of harships but in your answer could you also put my chances at yale in addition to the other schools Above</p>

<p>no one wants to answer? (just a fancy way to say bump so as to go over the 10 character limit)</p>


<p>In all honestly, you could probably get into Cornell RD. The only school that might be questionable is M.I.T. My two cents...</p>