Chances at Duke, Yale, Georgetown

<p>I was just deferred at Georgetown. Now I'm worried that I'm not qualified for any of my top three schools. What are my chances at Duke, Yale, and Georgetown?</p>

<p>GPA: 4.2 (weighted)
SAT: CR 710; math 720; writing 770; TOTAL: 2200
SAT II: French 660, US History 660, math 730
Senior Course Schedule: AP English Lit., AP French V, AP Calc AB, AP Biology, Physics
Junior Courses (not many APs but it is THE TOUGHEST schedule offered at my school): AP Statistics, AP US History, Honors Pre-Calculus, Honors Anatomy, Honors English, French IV
AP Scores: US History-4; Stat-5</p>

Piano (grade 2-12, my defining EC, practice 14 hrs/week)
Clarinet ( grade 5-12)
Guitar (9-12)
Patient transportation volunteer at hospital (grade 11-12, 4 hrs week)
Church Youth Group (6-12)
Special Needs Babysitter (9-12)
School Community Service Club (11-12)
Habitat for Humanity (11-12)
Kennedy Krieger Institute Volunteer- (9-12) 3 full days a year
School Band (only 1 year 9th grade)
Literary magazine (only 1 year 10th grade)</p>

<p>Work experience (besides babysitting): Daycamp Head Counselor, 50 hrs a week, grades 9-12</p>

<p>I was one of 5 girls selected to attend ethics and leadership conference. Spoke with Sandra Day O'Connor there.</p>

Class officer (11-12): elected class representative, organized all dances, fundraisers, and school events
National Honor Society: a lot of community service, organized a race that raised $10 thousand for cystic fibrosis</p>

National Honor Society
French National Honor Society
National merit Commended Student
maryland distinguished scholar
Princeton U. Alumni Book Award
1st Honors at my school every semester since 9th grade
1st place french award- grade 9,10
1st place Honors Pre-Calc Award- 11
English award- 11</p>

<p>I have gotten straight a's all four years, with the exception of about 4 b's.</p>

<p>Also, I don't know how much this plays into it all, but I want to be a doctor. I applied to Georgetown School of Nursing and Health Studies. my intended major there is human science. At Duke, my intended major is biological anthropology and anatomy. At Yale, I would do the Cognitive Science major.</p>

<p>Not to burst your bubble but if you applied to georgetown and you were deffererd, it's a extremely high reach for you to get into yale unless you have legacy. you should apply to more than 3 schools. you need a safety.</p>

<p>i think he did, these are his "top three"</p>

<p>ok,come on, i need someone to actually look at all my info instead of saying that i won't get into yale just because I was deferred. There are plenty of people who are deferred and then get in.</p>

<p>Yale just deferred 4000 or so from it's EA pool, and accepted 800 for a class of 1100. They'll accept about 1600 total to fill that 1100 odd slots. They'll take a lot of those from that deferred pool, then cherry pick the other 15,000 apps. Do the math. What do you think your chances are?</p>

Duke-Reach but maybe</p>

<p>anyone else?</p>

<p>I think your chances are pretty slim. Everybody's are, of course, and I'm not ranking you below average chances by any means. I just am not sure whether you're the stellar candidate Yale, Duke, and (as you've seen) Georgetown want.</p>

<p>Let me elaborate:
1) SATs: Okay, so by no means a top measure of success, and schools know that. BUT iffy SATs need backup by strong ECs, ect. They need to know there's a person there who's trying and succeeding in other areas.</p>

<p>2) ECs: You seem like a cool person. But I don't think you're three-dimensional enough to jump out at exhausted adcoms. Without you declaring your major, I had no idea that your realm of interest was what it is. I see minor devotion (<5 hrs/week on most) or little pursuit (piano's great, but where has it taken you? Awards? Will you play for your college?). ECs should show superior talent, determination, and/or create a niche for you in a similarly competent admissions pool.</p>

<p>And then look at each school's "stereotype:"
1) Yale: the quirk. I don't see a big random EC anywhere.
2) Duke: the well-rounded kid. Instrument? check. Sport? Nope. Student Gov? Nope. (These may be stereotype ECs, but coming from a Duke double legacy, they're no stretch of the imagination.)
3) Georgetown: the white boarding school kid. Well...I don't really see how this can be manipulated. </p>

<p>Again, you seem like a cool person--maybe it's your projected majors that intrigue me--but unfortunately, nothing spectacular jumps out that would be perceived on paper. Good luck, though!</p>