Chances at Emory, U. of Chicago, GW, Macalester, Tufts, NYU?


<p>School: Topeka West High School

<p>Rank: 20/243, ranking should improve this is from sophomore year
GPA: uw 3.7, w 4.1</p>

<p>I have taken 1 AP class(will take 2 next year, school only offers six, two of which are in the art department), yet will have taken 7 honors courses as of next year.
I am taking the SAT and ACT this summer.</p>

FBLA(Future Business Leaders of America)-9,11,12
Spanish Club-10,11,12
Volunteer Initiative-10,12
Debate-11,12 Yearbook-11,12
Model U.N.-12 </p>

Topeka West FBLA* chapter Co-President-12
501/Topeka West Business Representative-11,12
KS FBLA* District 3 President(state officer)-2010-2011
IFL (Institute for Leaders)-summer 2010
Yearbook Copy Editor-12 </p>


Honor Roll (8 semesters) 9,10,11,12
Kansas Regents Honors Scholar 12
Lettered: Academic 10,11,12 </p>

National Honor Society -12</p>

Stormont Vail Hospital: ___hours
March of Dimes through FBLA*
Don’t know how many hours, still have to calculate, over 100</p>

<p>My hooks are that I am from a lower class family, a single mother, and am a first generation college applicant.
Also, if you think that my ec’s are weak please give advice on what you think I could do to strengthen them.</p>

<p>I'd say GW would be your safety, while the rest would be interesting to see if they accept or reject you, since you actually do have the grades (and hoping ur sat score is good talking about 1990 or better). make sure to write good essays...</p>

<p>GW: In
Tufts: i'd say 80%
NYU: 85%, as well as emory
i'd think you could have a really high chance of getting into macalester (probably in, most likely)
the only reach would be chicago.</p>

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<p>I wouldn't say GW is her safety, acceptance rate dropped from the 37%. It all depends on your SAT and ACT score, your EC's are good and your GPA is decent for half of those schools (which I think you should have took a few more AP's). Try to shoot for a 27+ ACT or 1900+ SAT. </p>

<p>UoC- high reach
GW- low reach
NYU- low reach</p>

<p>Get at least 1 safety.</p>

<p>How are many chances for UVA?</p>