Chances at getting in? (Skidmore, Union, F&M) Chance me I'll Chance you!

<p>Hello! I am an incoming senior in New Jersey and so college applications are in the process! Will I get into to the following colleges? My top choices are Union, Skidmore, Franklin and Marshall, and Vassar.</p>

GPA: 3.96 weighted
SAT: 1800 (Math 610, Critical reading 570, Writing 620)
I've recently been doing practice tests and have been scoring 1900's! will be retaking in October.
Senior Course Load: AP English IV, AP Biology, Honors Research in Molecular Genetics, Calculus, AP Studio Art, Honors Spanish IV
AP Exams: AP English Lit. (Score: 3)</p>

<p>When I started school my freshman year, I was in all college prep. courses and I have grown academically every year to be entering senior year with practically all AP classes. </p>

Varsity Cross Country and Track since sophomore year
Captain of Winter and Spring Track Senior Year
Went to the Penn Relays for the 4x800m relay
4x800m team set an indoor race record at a North Jersey Sectional meet</p>

<p>I would like to run in college although I know Skidmore does not offer track</p>

<p>Extra Curriculars:
-Participated in the Waksman Student Scholars Program held at Rutgers University. Students did hands on lab research on the proteins located in Duckweed, a plant that has the potential to be a biofuel. Students separated and purified DNA to it's most basic form in laboratories and then analyzed this DNA sequence analysis programs. All findings are new and published in our names. I analyzed 4 clones and of those clones, one protein was not in the database, indicating an unknown protein. These proteings will be further studied with our professor once schools starts in my molecular genetics class.
-Writing Center tutor since junior year. We help students with their writing as many colleges have
-National Honor Society: tutor, volunteer work, organize fundraisers, etc.
-Art Club: strss free art work done for fun
-Debate since sophomore year
-Have held job at Hilton for 2 years
-Do volunteer work with March of Dimes every year through my work</p>

<p>I have not yet perfected my admissions essay
I plan to apply for financial aid
I am unsure whether I want to go into life sciences or social sciences
Other colleges in mind are SUNY Geneseo, The College of New Jersey, Muhlenberg, Ithaca
I would also like to know other colleges like my top choices that would be good fits for me. Thanks</p>

<p>Hey! Here's what I think:</p>

<p>Union- target
Skidmore- target
Franklin and Marshall- target
Geneseo- target
The college of new jersey- target
Muhlenberg- target
Ithaca- safety
Vassar- reach</p>

<p>Pretty much all of these schools would be an acceptance for you! Your gpa is very solid, and so are your ECs!!! Those look really good. I'd suggest getting your SAT score up by 100 points or so, but you said you're on your way there so that's great. The only school you'll need to work for is Vassar.</p>

<p>Good luck!!</p>

<p>^ I agree, great EC's, you just need to raise your CR and Math score and your set.
With your current score, you will still have a good chance at most of the schools except Vassar. Good luck!</p>

<p>Thanks! Do any of you know more about these schools and what might help me choose which I would want to attend? And you really think that those schools are targets for me? Our school doesn't rank but I would estimate that I am n the top 15% of a class of around 300 students. Our school is ranked in the top 10 public schools in New Jersey, so things can be quite competative. I feel like my lack of AP courses during my junior year might be a downfall..</p>

<p>we analyzed the DNA using a DNA sequence analysis program* and I used an incorrect it's when I meant its. Don't judge me!</p>

<p>I mean, I did the research of the stats of the kids who applied to those colleges from my school, and you fall well within the range for pretty much all of these schools except for Vassar. Vassar is definitely more competitive, so it'll be more difficult. I suggest you go to collegeboard and look up information and statistics on the schools your interested in- it really helps!</p>

<p>I agree with the others that most of those would be a target,
you may want to try =VillaNova becuase it is a good school and has a great track team!
it would be either a target or reach.</p>

<p>chance me please :)
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<p>My opinion for what it's worth</p>

<p>Union- target
Skidmore- target
Franklin and Marshall- target
The college of new jersey- safe
Muhlenberg- safe
Vassar- reach</p>

<p>I loved visiting Skidmore, just don't know if I could handle the winter up there!</p>

<p>have you visited any of the others? I'm not sure which school I love the most. Another school I visited was bowdoin, which I know is a huge reach for me, but I was recruited by the track coach and went to his running camp upon invite. I also had a preliminary interview there to get my name on their lists. what do you guys think?</p>

<p>TCNJ - ehhhh, it was ok, nothing special.
Vassar was great.
Franklin & Marshall was pretty nice too. Although I wasn't crazy about Lancaster. Must be my central NJ attitude.</p>

<p>I agree with you, I have a northern jersey isolated, sheltered opinion of lancaster, but the school was so pretty in the spring when I visited that I immediately could see myself there. Plus I love the history of the school. TCNJ is more just to appeal to my parents desire for a public school option on my list, and I hate Rutgers. I am going to visit vassar soon as it's less than an hour from my house and I can go anytime.</p>

<p>Have you thought about bennington as another match school?
I don't really know the others, but I think you'd be a match for skidmore and a reach for vassar.</p>

<p>whenever i look up data for bennington, there is hardly anything for it. It worries me that the college isn't well accredited or known and may therefore be not a great choice? if anyone knows anything about it I would really like to know!</p>

<p>Sorry i wish i could chance you but i don’t really know the LAC’s well enough. I know TCNJ is def a safety and it’s funny because i live so close to vassar yet i don’t know much about it.</p>

<p>I think just bring your SAT up! What’s your GPA unweighted, do you know?
But yeah most of these are acceptances :)</p>

<p>Well our school doesn’t tell us our unweighted GPAs but on our school’s website says that it’s 3.96 weighted and unweighted. I hate my SATs which is why most of these schools are SAT optional. I’m unsure whether to withhold my scores though.</p>

<p>Bowdoin is also another reach school I’ve been looking at. The coach recruited me and had me go up to his running camp this summer. I’m hoping that may be helpful to getting in there. I just don’t know what sets each school apart from the others. Of these schools, which do you guys like?</p>