Chances at Harvard, Cornell, Carnegie Mellon, and Wash U???

<p>Hi! Thanks so much for spending your time to chance me
I'm currently a Senior and have applied to the following schools and want to know what you all think my chances will be to be accepted: Harvard, Cornell,Carnegie Mellon, Wash U?</p>

<p>My intended major is computer science/ engineering for all the aforementioned schools.</p>

-White Jewish male
-Suburban public school (top 500 in nation)
-top 3 public school in state
-Not asking for financial aid</p>

<p>Grades and Scores
-UW GPA: 3.96
-W GPA: 4.53
-Class rank: 8/395 (not sent)
-ACT: 34 (E:34 M:36 R:32 S:35 E:12)
-SAT I: 2230 (R:650 M:800 W:780)
-SAT II: Math 2: 800 Chemistry: 750 US History: 740
- AP European History: 5 AP Calc AB: 5 AP Chemistry: 5 AP: US History: 5 AP Computer Science:4 AP Language: 4 AP Calc BC: senior AP Statistics: senior AP Physics: senior AP US Government: senior</p>

-FBLA - 3rd at nationals in 2013 and 10th at nationals in 2012 (Computer related) also multiple 1st and 2nd at state but national wins are the more impressive
- Webmaster of school chapter as well as mentor for past two years
-School chess club captain for 4 years
-Soccer club and school until senior year
-City math competition placed individually 4th and 5th in grpahing and word problems and 2nd as team
-TEAMS competition first at state as junior
-Science Knowledge Bowl Semi-finals at state
-Debate Freshman Year
-Academic Decathlon placed 3rd in math at highest level in state</p>

<p>Honors/Awards (not much)
-Gold Palm Eagle Scout
- Foxmen in tribe of Micosay and brotherhood member of order of the arrow
-Microsoft Technology certification for software fundamentals in visual basic
-Principals's Honor roll throughout school
-National Honor Society
-Spanish National Honors Society
-Presidential Scholar Bronze, sophomore and junior</p>

- Safety city - 40 hours - teaching little kids rules of road
-Assistant soccer coach - 50 hours - teach little kids soccer
- youth court- 20 hours - minor court judicial system
- Jewish camp counselor- 110 hours</p>

<p>Thank You Very Much</p>

<p>Harvard: Reach for anybody, including you.
Cornell: Match
CMU and WUSTL: slight reach</p>

<p>Harvard - Reach
Cornell - Reach
Carnegie Mellon - match
Wash U - match</p>

<p>Academically, you are very competitive, so no need to worry about GPA or test scores. Your ECs are very impressive, but nothing really stands out, in that they give no indication as to what you are passionate about. But you do have numerous competition roles which stand out. </p>

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<p>NO! NO! NO! Not gonna chance You O:-) </p>

<p>Harvard - Reach
Cornell - Reach
Carnegie Mellon -high match
Wash U - match</p>

<p>You have amazing test scores and EC’s. I put the Ivy League’s as Reach because they are reaches for anyone basically. I feel you can probably get into Carnegie Mellon and Wash U, but Harvard and Cornell is tough schools</p>

<p>Harvard: reach
Cornell: high match/low reach
Carnegie Mellon: high match/low reach
Wash U: high match/low reach</p>

<p>Harvard is reach
Cornell is low match
Carnegie Mellon and WUSL are both solid matches</p>

<p>Once again, people don’t see the competitiveness of CS at CMU. Like Harvard and other top schools, the school of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon has an acceptance rate close to 5%. The acceptance rate for the school of engineering at Cornell is around 20%, so I don’t see how it could possibly be a reach while CMU a match. Don’t get your hopes up for Carnegie Mellon or Harvard, but Wash U and Cornell are likely. In my opinion, there are much better CS programs than at Harvard, Wash U, and Cornell, I’m surprised those are the schools you picked Stanford and MIT would be much better choices than Harvard.</p>

<p>Harvard: Reach
Cornell: High Match/Low Reach
Carnegie Mellon: Reach
Wash U: High Match/Low Reach</p>

<p>Harvard reach
Cornell high match/low reach
Cmu high match
Wustl high match
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<p>Harvard is a reach. As is CMU. Cornell is a low reach and Wash U a high match. Good luck!</p>

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<p>Harvard: reach (you can never certainly say match with them haha)
Cornell: high match/low reach
Carnegie Mellon: match
Wash U: high match/low reach</p>

<p>Best of luck to you!!</p>

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<p>H- reach
Cornell-high match
CMU-since u said CS, then definitely reach
WUSTL:high match-low reach</p>

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<p>You are qualified for all of the schools you listed. ECs are good, much more unique than others. No financial aid will help. </p>

<p>Keep in mind that with Harvard and Cornell there is a large element of chance involved.</p>