Chances at Ivies and Top 25's - FINAL LIST

<p>Hello, I recieved my High School Transcript today and was curious as to my chances. I go to a very selective school in New Jersey. It is public but only accepts 60 kids from the county I live in. Its average SAT score for the class of 2005 is 1380 (702 M 680 V). I have detailed the following, summarizing my high school academics.</p>

<p>SAT Scores</p>

<p>SAT I 3/04
760 Math
690 Verbal</p>

6/03 Physics - 670
6/04 Math IIC - 660
10/04 Writing - 730
10/04 Math IIC - 680
10/04 Spanish - 660</p>

<p>High School Curriculum
Cumulative GPA Unweighted: 93.79</p>

<p>Unlike most public high schools, my high school does not have much choice as to which classes a student may take. Most students start at an advanced level, and continue that path until the end of their high school career. The only variations that occur is in the math level, language level, and choice of AP science. Note that my school only offers 2 APs, one science and one math. The math is for the more advanced students and covers the BC curriculum. These variations in themselves are extremely minor, usually only offering perhaps 2 different levels for a grade. My school also does not rank, but rather states on the transcript the highest and lowest GPAs, 98.37 and 85.74 respectively.</p>

<p>My senior courses include AP Chemistry, English 4, Calculus, Spanish Convo. and Comp., Statistics, Java Programming, and Mentorship</p>

<p>College Curriculum
Community College:
Structured Program Using C++ - Grade A Credits 4
Achievement Motivation - Grade A Credits 1
Object Oriented C++ - Grade A Credits 4</p>

<p>Georgian Court University:
Spanish Conversation and Composition (Currently Taking)</p>

<p>Extra Curricular Activities
Founder/President of Business Club: 11,12
Editor of the School Newspaper: 10,11,12
Multicultural Club: 10,11,12
Model United Nations: 10,11,12
Key Club: 10,11,12
Habitat for Humanity: 10,11,12
Chemistry League 11,12</p>

<p>Challenger Program Volunteer: 9,10,11,12
I separated this one because I wrote my main college essay about it. Basically this program has me working with children affected by ADD and other types of disorders every weekend.</p>

<p>My intended major for college is probably Business or Economics. My college list includes the following:</p>

University of Pennsylvania - 1st Choice
University of Chicago</p>

The College of New Jersey
NYU Stern
Boston College
Carnegie Mellon

<p>Thank you all very much</p>

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<p>Bump .</p>

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<p>Why "should" we? That's a little pompous.</p>

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<p>I'm not the "supercilious" one, commanding people to comment on my stats.</p>

<p>Although I'll offer this much: Your SAT IIs will get you rejected, if anything.</p>

<p>Seriously how much do u think itll affect decisions? I've been reading some articles saying that it affects A LOT, others say same as SAT I, and others say even less than SAT I.</p>

Good luck with Penn ED. I think you have a chance Chicago you should get in.</p>

<p>As for the rest- </p>

The College of New Jersey - In
Rutgers- In
Columbia- Reach
NYU Stern- Slight Reach
Boston College- Match
Georgetown- Slight Reach
Northwestern- Slight Reach
Brown- Reach
Carnegie Mellon- Match/ Slight Reach
Cornell- Slight Reach
Duke- Reach
Dartmouth- Reach</p>

<p>I think you will get into Chicago, BC, CMU, and hopefully one or more of Cornell, Northwestern, Stern, and G-town. I recommend taking math IC. You will get a 750 with your background, and since many schools take the top 3 scores you will then have a 750, 730, and 680. This is a lot better than what you have. The remainder (Duke, Dart, Brown, Columbia) are crapshoots for most, but applying doesnt hurt and there is a good chance you might get into one.</p>

<p>Overall great list and good strategy. You are a good candidate and remember that if you like the schools you don't need to get into all of them, just one.</p>

<p>slipper1234, that was really helpful. I would be very happy attending any of those slight reaches. I will take a few practice tests for IC and see how I do. Thanks again for ur insight.</p>

<p>bump .</p>

University of Pennsylvania -good chance
University of Chicago-even better chance</p>

The College of New Jersey-in
Columbia-20% chance
NYU Stern-60% chance
Boston College-90% chance
Georgetown-50% chance
Northwestern-50% chance
Brown-20% chance
Carnegie Mellon-60% chance
Cornell-25% chance
Duke-40% chance
Dartmouth-25% chance</p>

<p>ya, your sat IIs are crap.</p>

<p>I agree with the other posters that you have a reasonably balanced list, and that you should try for another SAT II over 700. Did you prep for any of the II's? If your earlies don't work out (and I do think you have a decent shot at U Chicago if your essays are good), the January administration should count for most.</p>

<p>No I didn't prep for any SAT IIs, with the exception of IIC, but that didn't really help lol. Thanks for your comments.</p>