Chances at MIT, CMU, P-ton and UPenn

<p>Chances at MIT, Carnegie Mellon, Princeton and UPENN</p>

<p>GPA: 3.8 UW 4.5 W (Top 10% UW, Top 3% W)
Full IB Student, 6 APs
SAT 1: 690V 720M
SAT 2: Math 2C 760, Writing 680, Physics (Pending)</p>

<p>National Achievement Scholarship Program - Semifinalist
MD Distinguished Scholar - Honorable Mention</p>

<p>SGA Treasurer, Co-President of MuAlphaTheta, Indoor/Outdoor Track & Field, Academic Team, Digital Art Club, Leadership Council (Student Member), Co-Founder of a Tutoring Program</p>

<p>Differential Calculus @ Carnegie Mellon University, Summer 2004 - Grade: A</p>

<p>chances at MIT are bad, almost definite rejection.</p>

<p>Princeton is a high reach while Upenn is a regular reach.</p>

<p>CMU is more or less a match.</p>

<p>The CMU differential class is impressive, but how about more stats? AP's, EC's...other than that, ur in good shape. A 4.5 is great for Upenn...
To be perfectly honest, just those stats are not enough to get you into MIT. But CMU is a decent match, and uve got a good chance at princeton.</p>

<p>Quite frankly, you're going to need to present yourself better to get in any school on your list except CMU. We need more info, but if this is all you have ... I don't know how to tell you to improve your chances.</p>