Chances at my LOOOOOONG list of schools, + 3 Dream Schools??-12 Total-

<p>Hello everyone! Just to let you know, I am NOT WinterMooseChic, I am a friend. I never recived confirmation for my user name, so at the moment I'm going to use my friends user name, but once I post my stat's I will be off, and she will be the only one using it. Just letting you know so your not always curious if it is me on or WMC.
Next point: I am going to post my stat's, or what I know so far, so that you can try to help me and evaluate my chances at my dream schools.
Then I would also like you to, if you want, list any good college matches for me that you can think of. What I'm looking for in a college:
-Small but not to small, not too large either-Good political science and journalisim program/departments-Volleyball in the athletics department :)(dosen't have to though)- A "quaint" town. No colleges in the heart of the city would help!-
A little about me: Hm, I'm a white female, 17 years old, umm I go to a small private prep school, I live in the North East half of the U.S, and I think thats all you really need to know!
My Dream Schools: *Yale *Harvard *Brown (Thats all my dream schools for you!)
The other schools I'm interested in: *UConn *C of Holy Cross *Springfield College *Mount Saint Mary's U *( I guess this would be a good time to tell you that I AM Catholic, but my school doesn't have to be Catholic) *Rutgers at Camden *Marist College *UNC-Chapel Hill *Furman *College of Charleston</p>

<pre><code>Last, but not least: My Stat's:

<p>School: Small, Private, College Prep School (Grades K-12)(Highest Academic School)
Rank-Top 10%
SAT- 1450
Senior Classes:
Chemistry I (H)
English IV (AP)
Government/Economics (AP)
Calculus (H)
Spanish IV (H)
Introduction to Law Education
AP'S: English IV-4, Government/Economics-3
Junior Varsity (9, 10)
Varsity (11, 12)
Junior Varsity (9, 10)
Varsity (11, 12
School Newspaper (11, 12)
Teen Writer for City Paper (10, 11, 12)
Student Council Rep (10, 11, 12)</p>

<p>I think thats it! Let me know if you need more!!</p>

<p>I think you need some more match schools. You have your reaches, you have tons of safeties.</p>

<p>Hey, I'm going to major in political science and journalism too, but I'm not applying to any of the same schools (except UConn but I live in Storrs so I want to go away).</p>

<p>I agree that you probably need more matches. Also, do Yale, Harvard, and Brown have journalism majors? It might be worth it anyway but I think Cornell is the only Ivy league that does. Anyway I think you're in at most of those. Good luck.</p>

<p>Thanks!! Anyone else got any suggestions or thoughts?</p>

<p>Hey WinterMoose!
I think you have a pretty good chance at most of your schools. You're taking 2 AP's and all the rest are Honors courses, which look good on a resume. Your EC's look pretty good also. Most of them show a long term comittment. I'm not sure of your grades, but hey, no ones complaining about top 10%, and a 4.0, with a 1450 on your SAT! I supposed Harvard, Brown and Yale all are within reach distance, except, so many kids apply, you have nothing that stands out over the crowd. I still think you've got plenty of chances though!!! Good Lucky to ya!</p>

<p>the dream schools - reaches
UNC Chapel Hill - match/slight reach
the rest are all safties. I agree with Encom, wouldn't hurt to find a few more match schools</p>

<p>This may sound stereotypical, and it makes me seem like an ass, but you're too smart to be a cheerleader.</p>

<p>Take a look at the midwest - Northwestern for journalism or Notre Dame (the "Catholic Ivy").</p>

<p>You need matches. Northwestern, Emory, Cornell, WUSTL, Vanderbilt are all great.</p>

<p>I do not like your chances at those top schools but the ret are great...</p>

<p>What's up with the 1450 SAT by the way? Is that on the old scale or something?</p>

<p>The thread is SIX years old. S</p>

<p>Assuming your SAT is out of 1600, most likely acceptance at every institution except Yale, Harvard, and Brown</p>