chances at Northwestern, U of C., and other Illinois schools

<p>hey guys this is my first time in this forum
could you help me out a little with this whole college thing?
with my stats, what would be my chances at Northwestern University, University of Chicago, and this program called GPPA at University of Illinois in Chicago for pre-med (I don't know if you all know what it is or not)</p>

<p>female Asian from Illinois, I attend one of the good public schools in IL</p>

<p>GPA: 4.517/4.5
rank 5/700
I'm not quite sure what the unweighted GPA would be, in our school, AP classes are worth 5 and honors are worth 4.5
ACT: took it first time, got a 32, I expect a 34 on the next one
SAT: taking in May, probably around 2250 ish
SAT IIs, taking in June
I expect 750 ish in chem and 750+ in math
National Merit - probably commended, but definitely not semifinalist
National Honor Society
classes: AP U.S. history soph. year (5 on the AP test)
Junior year- AP chem, AP calc BC, AP Euro history, AP spanish, English- in our school, we're not allowed to take AP tests in English and foreign language until our senior year (probably 4s and 5s on AP tests)
senior year- AP english, Sr. Topics, AP Bio, AP music theory, AP Spanish</p>

local and regional competitions for flute
district honors band- 4th chair this year
presitigious music camps for orchestra/band
regional awards for Science Olympiad
regional/state awards for math team
couple awards from speech meets
other things here and there</p>

-I have played in three different regional youth orchestras, I'm the principle flute in my youth orchestra that I'm in right now
- leadership positions in Science club, speech team, a school literary magazine, Amnesty International
- Tri-Music Honors Society
- I've created a new club called Future Healthcare Professionals, where I organized field trips, career treks, and job shadowings
-science olympiad/math team
- school band/orchestra/musicals- first chair flute since soph. year
- I do alot of music stuff where I play as soloists in church events, semi-professional choirs, and chamber music</p>

<p>Basically, I plan to go into college as a pre-med or some kind of a science major, and I really want to continue studying flute, not as a major but probably as a minor
I figure Northwestern, since has such a great school of music, would be great for me, but I'm not quite sure what my chances are...</p>

<p>including all that stuff above, I also have 150 + hours of volunteering
and I think over the summer, I will be a part of this local program called the Future Physician's Program whereI spend 6 weeks in a hospital shadowing a physician
I am considering taking a summer course at either U of Chicago or Yale</p>

<p>Good chance. you should aim for a couple of
Ivy schools.</p>