Chances at NYU, BU, W&M, please? (Weak ECs)

<p>Well, here it goes, any info at all would be appreciated:</p>

<p>Caucasian Male
SAT(Twice) 1st - 760 CR, 710 Math, 660 Writing
2nd - 770 CR 800 Math, 770 Writing
PSAT 226 - National Merit Scholarship Semifinalist</p>

<p>GPA - Unweighted 3.6
Weighted 4.3
Class Rank 80-89% Decile</p>

<p>Extracurricular -
Stage Crew (4 Years) - Master Carpenter
(Not sure if this counts but was selected by JHU's Center for Talented Youth, three summer programs including IR)</p>

<p>APs - BC Calculus 5
World History 5
Language 4
Current APs are Human Geo, Statistics, Literature, and Physics</p>

<p>Language - Latin (4 years)</p>

<p>Almost entirely honors courseload freshman/sophmore year, all AP/Honors Junior/Senior year.</p>

<p>Probable Major - International Relations</p>

<p>Colleges (All RD)-
New York University
Boston University
William and Mary
Johns Hopkins
Carnegie Mellon
University of Maryland

<p>I really want to get into NYU, BU and W&M, most of the rest are reachy (except UMD). I know my ECs are terrible but I honestly wasn't planning for buffing my apps three years ago, and Stage Crew is one hell of a time commitment for our school.</p>


<p>Akaros, you definetly have the numbers for these schools. You are in at UMD and most likely BU. I'm unsure of how BU is with ecs, but I can't see them passing up your SATs. Unsure on the others, but you could always add some very selective publics which may be more numbers driven. Best of luck!</p>