Chances at NYU, Northwestern, BU, I crazy?

<p>Hi, I am a senior at a small private school in Hawaii and I am fairly sure I want to major in Journalism....I was wondering what my chances would be at these schools (and any money?!):</p>

Northwestern University
Boston University
University of Southern California
University of Massachusetts Amherst
UC Davis
UC Irvine
UC SD</p>

<p>....with these stats:</p>

<p>GPA: 3.8 (i think, unweighted) 3.93 (w)
Rank: top 10%
SAT: 540 math 640 critical reading 690 writing (taking again in october, and probably Dec, although I don't know how much higher I can get....also, taking SAT Subjects (lit & history) in Nov.... no idea what to expect there)</p>

Paddling (9, 10)
Literary Magazine (10, 11, 12)
Spanish Club (10, 11, 12?)
Student Ambassador (11, 12)
Student Ministry (Social Justice team) (11, 12)
National Honor Soceity (11, 12)
JSA (11, 12)
Newspaper (11) Editor (12)</p>

<p>Internship with an investigative newspaper (summer before 11th grade)</p>

<p>Community Service:
Church related stuff (9, 10)
Random events like a food drive (9, 10)....50 hours total in 9 & 10
Tutoring a 10th grader in Spanish (11)....5 hours?
Teaching Incoming Freshmen in the Marshall Islands (Summer before 12) for 100 hours</p>

<p>Advanced (like honors classes maybe?)/ APs:
Advanced American Lit. (10)
Advanced Spanish (11)
AP Euro. Hist. (11)....3 on the test
AP Lang&Composition (11).... 3 on the test
AP Lit&Composition (12)
(....i don't know if the "advanced" classes really count for anything...)</p>

English Award (9, 10, 11)
Chemistry A Award (10)
American History Award (10)</p>

<p>...So what do you think? I know I don't have thousands of APs or super high SATs scores like most people on here... but what are my chances at the schools listed above? (I have safety schools too, such as University of Oregon) Let me know, I will greatly appreciate it!</p>



<p>UCSD: Super Reach (out of state)
UCI/UCD: Reach (out of state)</p>

<p>Thanks. Too bad I don't live in California.</p>

<p>You have a great shot at UMASS, BU is a slight reach, but NW and NYU are reaches because of your SAT scores.</p>

<p>i wish i lived in hawaii!</p>

<p>Thanks for the input Duffman! Yeah, I think those SAT scores are really going to bring me down. But I doubt I will be able to get much higher than that. I'm taking the October test, but i haven't had much time to study.</p>

<p>lala: yeah, Hawaii is a great place to live, except we don't really have any good colleges! Pretty much everybody tries to get out for college.</p>

<p>Anybody else got any advice?</p>

<p>Actually I know a few who got into NYU last year, my cousin being one with a good academic record, good activities resume BUT low scores, she got around a 1200 on her SAT! So, GO FOR IT! You have nothing to lose, and you truly never know. Good luck!</p>