Chances at some Ivy's and east coast LACs

<p>Coming from a poor inner-city Catholic school.</p>

<p>White, Male
GPA: 4.0
Rank: 12/220
SAT 1: 1470 (750 V, 720 M)
SAT II: Writing, Match IIC and Something else being taken in November. I'm not gonna predict scores.</p>

<p>Curriculum: Most Rigorous Available. All honors classes and 4 AP's (Bio, Calc AB, USH, and English). On top of that 2-3 college classes at LaSalle University as part of dualcredit program.</p>

Cross Country Varisty 11,12
Crew JV 10,11
Mock Trial 9,10
Debate 9,10
I was in a band with my friends from freshman year to junior year. we sucked.
Volunteered at a couple things, but nothing significant.</p>

Perfect Conduct
National Honor Society
Perfect Paper on National Latin Exam
National Merit Commended
Placed 28th in region on National French Exam in 9th grade.
Top 10% of testers on National French Exam.
end of the year awards in History, French and PreCalc.</p>

<p>Got Rec's from the two teachers who supposedly write the best recs.</p>

<p>Hows my chances at these Schools:
Penn (ED)

<p>Also, I'm extremely poor (less than 15,000 a year income). I'm gonna need 40,000 a year in aid to attend.</p>

<p>your Ec's are a little weak, as well as your awards, but if you can make that up in essay strength, you're in at them all, and even w/o a great essay you're good at upenn, they're probably the easiest ivy to get into</p>

<p>Penn (ED)-i think you have a great shot
Columbia-good shot
Princeton-a reach, but you might get in
Haverford-good shot
Swarthmore-good shot
Vassar-good shot</p>

I think you have a really good chance. As for financial aid, with your scores you can scrape up probably a couple thousand in schlorships...not directly from the ivy's but those "third offer" (i think thats what they are called). Good luck!!!</p>

<p>bump. bump. bizzump.</p>

<p>The Ivy's will meet 100% of your demonstrated need after your expected family contribution which will be pretty low given your household income. If admitted , you will get a nice chunk of change. You may have a few small loans and definitely some work study.</p>

<p>Should the admission gods smile on you and you get into Princeton, you will be attending for pretty close to 100% free and will have no loans as they don't believe that you should have debt (but they also have Billions in their endowment to back it up). </p>

<p>Remember HYP are reaches for everyone.</p>

<p>While you are at it, consider shooting for Brown and Harvard, who are really looking to welcome smart students from low income families (Brown just got 100 million to their endowment for this purpose)</p>

<p>If you can get into Williams, the money will come also and you probably will have no loans.</p>

<p>Penn ED - Yes
Columbia - Maybe
Princeton - No
Harverford - Yes
Swarthmore - Maybe
Vassar - Yes</p>