Chances at Stern...

<p>I'm currently at a community college and I'm looking for some advice to transfer to a top B-school. I'm just starting my sophmore year...</p>

<p>-Stats: 3.99 (14 solid A's and 1 A-)
-SAT 2: 2140 (I took it at the beginning of my freshmen year because I didn't take it in high school)
-I've volunteered more than 600 hours over the last year at the American Red Cross and I'm hoping to hit 1,000 by the time I apply
-Of the only 2 business clubs offered at my school, I'm the VP of the international business club and the Pres of the business club.
-I'll have GREAT recs from at least 2 of my professors.
-I've also been a tutor for micro/macro economics classes at my school</p>

<p>Now here's my problem, in high school I had a 2.3 GPA. I NEVER tried and never came to class but now I'm doing EVERYTHING I can to make up for that. ANY suggestions to improve my chances and cover up my high school transcript more would be VERY appreciated.</p>

<p>you should get into stern. don't worry.</p>

<p>Thanks! One of my professors has offered to get me a job as a financial planner as well, would that help with my chances?</p>