Chances at Tufts, Emory, GW, C. of William and Mary, U. of Pitts., Wake Forest, NYU?

<p>School: Topeka West High School

<p>Rank: 20/243, ranking should improve this is from sophomore year
GPA: uw 3.7, w 4.1</p>

<p>I have taken 1 AP class(will take 2 next year, school only offers six, two of which are In the art department), yet will have taken 7 honors courses as of next year.
I am taking the SAT and ACT this summer.</p>

FBLA(Future Business Leaders of America)-9,11,12
Spanish Club-10,11,12
Volunteer Initiative-10,12
Debate-11,12 Yearbook-11,12
Model U.N.-12 </p>

Topeka West FBLA* chapter Co-President-12
501/Topeka West Business Representative-11,12
KS FBLA* District 3 President(state officer)-2010-2011
IFL (Institute for Leaders)-summer 2010
Yearbook Copy Editor-12 </p>


Honor Roll (8 semesters) 9,10,11,12
Kansas Regents Honors Scholar 12
Lettered: Academic 10,11,12 </p>

National Honor Society -12</p>

Stormont Vail Hospital: ___hours
March of Dimes through FBLA*
Don’t know how many hours, still have to calculate, over 100</p>

<p>My hooks are that I am from a lower class family, a single mother, and am a first generation college applicant.
Also, if you think that my ec’s are weak please give advice on what you think I could do to strengthen them.</p>

<p>How is being from Kansas a set back. I would think such places like NY, CA, NC, and FL would be set backs.</p>

<p>Well I doubt anyone knows that. Besides that has nothing to do with me, so you could try to actually be serious.</p>

<p>abindley01, don't mind the other guy, you being from Kansas isn't a setback.
Tufts: Reach
Emory: High Match
GW: Match
W&M: High Match/Match
U of Pitts: Match
Wake Forest: No idea
NYU: you have good ECs, so i would say Match.
Chance me back thank you: <a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>Hey Mayoboy</p>

<p>It also depends on your intended major. It looks like it may be business so I'm basing these chances on that.
Tufts: Reach
Emory: Reach
GW: Match
W&M: Slightly lower Match
U of Pitts: Mid-High Match
Wake Forest: High Match
NYU: Reach</p>

<p>Standardized scores would help monumentally but you haven't taken them yet. These are pretty generalized chances based on only your GPA and ECs</p>

<p>My intended majors are economics and political science</p>

<p>I really suggest you look into Wake Forest. You look like a good candidate academically and they love out of state students. Wake Forest is a test optional college, if test scores are a problem. We are not from NC and a family friend this year got the MOST incredible fully-funded package for her daughter that will be starting as a freshman at Wake this fall. The Wake Forest financial aid package will not include more than $4,000 in loans per year and they gave her over $52,000 per year. They are even going to help fund her study abroad experience. She is a first generation college student and from a lower income single parent family. Wake recently opened a new office for first generation/diverse students and there is a lot of support. The Wake Forest supplement to the common app is long and involved, but that helps them concentrate on the students that are really interested. By the way, my daughter is a senior at Wake and loves it.</p>

<p>Thanks, I keep taking Wake Forest off my list, but it always makes its way back onto it. The only issue is that I don't know how strong its econ and poli sci programs are</p>

<p>Check out the "Wake in Washington" program on their website if you are interested in poly sci. We know a few students that have participated and it was an outstanding experience and they made lots of contacts in DC.</p>