Chances at UCLA, USC, NYU, Sarah Lawrence and Cornell?

I'm an international student; for GCSEs I got 3 Bs, 6 As and an A<em>.
(The normal amount of GCSEs is 9 however I took ten. The grading is A</em>=highest, then it goes A, B, C, D, E, U)
Then for AS Levels I got a C for Religious Studies and English Literature, a B for General Studies and an A for both Theatre Studies and Psychology.
I'm taking 4 of these to A2 (Grade 12) standard.
My SAT scores are
and SAT II scores of
Maths IC=610
I'm Caucasian of English Origin (since apparently UCLA make a deal of things like that?)
My ECs are;
Mentoring a Grade 7 student, for which I received specialised training
Volunteering 2 hours a week at a special school
Helping out in a Grade 6 form period regulary
4 weeks in South Africa doing conservation work
Taking part in the European Youth Parliament
Giving speeches to 400 prospective parents
Devising prroject and performance of Theatre
Workshops with professional theatre groups</p>

<p>My work experience is waitressing for 6 and 10 hours a week at different pubs during the past few years</p>

<p>My awards are;
Trinity Grade 5 in Speech and Drama Distinction
LAMDA Grade 8 in Speech and Drama Distinction
"Extra Mile" Award for outstanding effort in mentoring
Oustanding effort in R.E Grade 11 and 12
Oustanding Achievement in Resistant Materials and Drama Grade 10</p>

<p>My UC essays are based on</p>

<h1>1 (Academic) Theatre</h1>

<h1>2 (EC potential) My work with Special needs children</h1>

<h1>3 (Life Challenges) Taking part in skinning and butchering an impala in South Africa.</h1>

<p>Plus, I'm sending shining references from my school including specific references from each subject teacher, which explain the C grades for AS Level.</p>

<p>GPA = 3.8 weighted
unweighted = 3.5ish</p>

<p>Class Rank = Top 10th percentile</p>

<p>bumping this</p>

<p>All these schools (except for Sarah Lawrence) will be a reach, mostly because you are an international student (with only a 3.5 unweighted). But you can always try and see what happens. Good luck!</p>


<p>UCLA: Reach (out of state)
USC: Match
NYU: Match
Sarah Lawrence: Safe Match (?)
Cornell: Slight Reach</p>

<p>As a non-Californian you're otherwise strong credentials are not good enough for UCLA. This is not a reflection on you just how hard it is for out-of-staters to get in to UCLA or UCB. </p>

<p>USC likes international students and your academic record makes you a solid match for them.</p>

<p>Good luck.</p>