chances at ucsd?

<p>im just a little antsy at the moment. its taking forever to get the acceptance letter from there. already got accepted to ucsb and ucd. but ucsd is harder to get into. wat r chances?
4.2 GPA- top 4% of my class (16/530)
25 ACT
over 150 hours community service
on competitive soccer team (currently ranked #1 in norcal), travels across nation-basically its my life...

<p>I would say UCSD is a match for you, if your SAT II scores are good.</p>

<p>hmmm theyre the 500's</p>

<p>then maybe it's a slight reach for you. oh well, my SAT II average is like 580 and i got into ucla. so who knows? UC admissions are weird.</p>

<p>ya but u probably have a killer gpa and sat 1's...oh well...we'll just havta see....where else have you gotten in?</p>

<p>lol! i just made a post about my chances at ucsd. check it out. my stats are DEFINITELY not killer.</p>