Chances at UM

<p>my sat is 750M/500CR/600WR
640Chem 740MAth IC 760 IIC 800 Korean
it's been four yrs since I came to the U.S
I took toefl and got 253...
I handed in my app to my counselor today and hopefully she will send it by tomorrow
my UM gpa is 3.7333
I got an outstanding Rec and I think my essay was good,,,
what are my chances?</p>

<p>(does grade from summer school count? b/c I got an a- bio from summer school)</p>

<p>yea im pretty much in the same situation..
790M. 520 CR. 590W... Total 1900.. i can re-do in jan if i have to..
MathIIC.PHYS.CHEM to be taken.. expectin 740+ in all
came to the us for the first time last summer..
TOEFL 263..
Applied online.. will send recks and transcripts which arent that bad..
improving my essay every day
G.P.A 3.4~4.0
not much e/c.. photography. tennis. sports.. is workin out at the gym counted?? graphics.. knowledge of technology and computers..
taking 5 AP's this year..
chances for UM say, sch of arch.. with a portfolio i just started..
Please advise</p>

<p>I am sending outstanding art portfolio with my app
does it help?</p>