Chances at Uni Bath BSc Arch (Hons) or Uni Sheffield's Arch BA Programmes?

I am coming from the American education system and have a 3.71 Weighted and a 3.30 Unweighted GPA. I have a 32 ACT, but the only thing I am missing is the three 5’s on relevant AP tests (AP Calc, AP Physics, etc.) I am planning on taking these at the end of the school year—in May—and planning to achieve 5’s in AP Calculus AB, AP Physics 2, and AP Statistics at least. Along with this I have taken Drafting courses and other similar Arts courses. Would I be able to receive admission into these programmes based off of my given qualifications, and due to the situation with AP Scores, would I be able to submit these at a later date whilst still applying before or on the January 15th deadline for these Unis and their programmes? Any and all help is very much appreciated.

Normal in the UK is applying with “predicted” scores for exams taken in June, with results coming out in August (yep- August, before term starts in Sept/Oct).

The person who writes your LoR “predicts” the scores for your APs, and the uni gives one of 3 replies to your application: rejection, “conditional” offer or “unconditional” offer.

If you are applying with “predicted” scores (and you aren’t rejected outright) you are likely to get a “conditional” offer, which will say something like "we are pleased to offer you a place on X course commencing in Sept/Oct, conditional on the attainment of scores 123, on exams XYZ.

A lot of Americans accept something in the US, to have an option in case they do not make their offer (ie, the scores don’t meet the condition(s)). and then just forfeit the deposit if they make their offer.

As for whether you would get an offer from either of these programs in the first place…I’m assuming that when you say AP Calc you mean BC, as Bath requires that, and that you have a portfolio that meets Sheffield’s requirements. Your PS should be highly academically focused.

In general, UK unis like US $$ and an applicant who meets the requirements has a high likelihood of success. However, some courses are less predictable, and Architecture is one of them- for a start, it is highly competitive, but equally, they want to be sure that you are able for the course, and art/design background/abilities are tougher to assess.

Unfortunately not. I am taking AP Calculus AB currently. I thought the statement on Uni Bath’s webpage “5, 5, 5 in three APs including Calculus BC or any Physics AP” meant that these were included in what was possible to be accepted, rather than what was required. Although it does make more sense that these would be required upon reading it again.

What should my course of action be in this case? Should I trash the idea completely? Self teach BC and make the attempt for a 5? Or something different?

Actually (on re-reading!) with Calc AB & a Physics you should be ok on that front. Do you have a portfolio for Sheffield? Also, you get 5 choices on UCAS- are there any other programs that are interesting to you? Strathclyde, Edinburgh, Cardiff, Newcastle, Queen’s Belfast, UCL & Manchester are all top 10 (leaving out Cambridge as it too late)

I would not mind Cardiff, Strathclyde, Newcastle, or UCL. Although that does spill over the allotted 5 applications, but picking one over another wouldn’t be too difficult.

As for the portfolio I have many of the things Uni Sheffield is looking for, it would be a matter of assembling them in one place. Although it would not take me long to do that.

Also because you’re so helpful and knowledgeable—thank you so much for your help by the way. What course instructor would be the best for writing a reference for my situation? Or is the course they teach relevant to the reference at all?

Look at the selection criteria (most of them will have it near the entry requirements). Look for a teacher who can speak to the criteria.

Also, UCAS has a section on how to write a reference. When you ask the teacher give them that (kindest would be to print it off, but at least the link), and (same as for US schools) a cheat sheet of why you are applying for this, what makes you a good fit for the course and specific examples / reminders of relevant things from their experience of you. As with your PS it’s not about what a great person you are but how good a fit for the course.

I’m having trouble finding the selection criteria for the aforementioned Architecture programmes on their websites. Although I have found the UCAS guide for undergraduate references page and a similar thing for the PS. But, is there a more specific place to find the selection criteria for these programmes? I tried searching around through both their websites and Google to no avail.

It can take some digging! for an example, here is the link to Sheffield’s:

A couple rows down there is a row of buttons- first one is “course” and last one is “Our Selection Process”.

It really pays to burrow into the UK websites- there is a lot in there :slight_smile:

Ah, thank you!! I’ll be sure to do the same for the other Unis. You are so very helpful!