Chances at University of Illinois? Other schools?

<p>Hey guys, so next year I will be a senior and plan on apply to U of I at Urbana and Im not sure what my chances maybe. I plan on doing General Educations and transfering into Business Management b/c of how hard it is to get in. So this is what I have</p>

<p>Senior Schedual will be my most diffucult with my first AP Stats class
ACT:Applying with a 28 and a 9/12 on writing</p>

<p>Recieved 27 on my most recent

<p>however, Because U of I Super scores, I can apply with a 28 because on another ACT I scored a 28 on my english and a 9 on writting.</p>

<p>-Will have 3 years of Gymnastics, 1 year varsity
-2 Years of BPA Club
-2 Years of Culinary Club
-2 Years of Wall street Club
-2 Years of Business Law Club
Officer Leadership Position
-spent 1/2 a semester as a Gym Gymnastics Leader
-Applying to U of I's NROTC Marines Option
-Attended a Jr. Marines Class for a year
-Part Time Job my Softmore and Junior Year
-Picking up 100 Community service hours this summer
-Plan on starting a Airsoft Club my Senior Year.</p>

<p>What other good Business schools should I consider looking at too if U of I is too much for me?</p>

<p>anyone else?</p>

<p>UofI's Business School is incredibly competitive. When a rep came to our school, she basically said that it was unadvisable to apply Bus. without a 30 on the ACT. However, I go to a fairly competitive public high school in Illinois, so it really depends on where you live and socioeconomic/racial factors. If you do decide to go to U of I though, I might see you there :). It is a great school with a nice campus, and the basketball fans are by far the best I have seen at any college.</p>

<p>If you are looking for the big-school feel, then Indiana University (Bloomington) has a great business school. IU is more highly-ranked than UIUC, but it is a lot easier to get into. Good luck!</p>

<p>Oh! And transferring in to Business is incredibly difficult; very few are able to make the switch.</p>

<p>I know transfering is very hard too, thats why I'm not sure if i sure just start looking at other business schools</p>