Chances at University of Michigan-Ann Arbor LSA

<p>*Currently a junior, in-state</p>

<p>*GPA (UW/W): 3.447/3.56 (max weighted GPA is 4.5)</p>

<p>*ACT: 30 (retaking this June, hopefully for a 32 or 33)</p>

<p>*PSAT: 185</p>

<p>*Extracurriculars: 130+ hours (so far) as volunteer at local hospital (mostly help in terms of patient care), President of a local Indian organization youth committee (first president to take charge; in 2 year term), DECA States & Quiz Bowl States qualifier, NHS member, Class Council rep, and JV tennis 9th-10th, Varsity tennis 11th and hopefully as a senior.</p>

<p>*AP/IB Classes: 10th-AP European History (3) and AP Physics B (3); 11th-AP Calculus AB (score pending), APUSH (score pending), IB Biology Yr. 1, AP English Language (score pending), and retook AP Physics B (score pending); 12th (planning to take)- AP Calculus BC, IB Biology Yr. 2, AP Lit, IB Economics (will take AP Macro and Microeconomics tests), AP Spanish Language, and possibly AP Biology (just the AP test). </p>

<p>Bottom line: even though my grades don't seem to line up with U of M standards, could I still get in?</p>

<p>Your GPA is below average and your ACT is also below average. You course load is fine. Hopefully your retake would bring you above the average at 31. Assuming you can achieve that score and considering in-state, you may be a high match for LSA.</p>