Chances, chances, chances...Please help!!

<p>*Okay, so my problem is that I honestly don't know if I can get into any of the schools I've been thinking about...please take a look at my stats and give me some advice! </p>

-Western NY, female, Asian
-Rank: 3/250
-GPA (uw): 3.97
-have taken all APs/honors possible so far</p>

-APs... Bio, US, Lang. and Comp. (Euro last year-4)
-French through local college
-Honors: Physics, Pre-calc
-Anatomy (no honors available)</p>

-Cancer Research (Summer '05)
-200+ hours community service: nursing assistant in Intensive Care Unit of local hospital, skating instructor for Skating Assoc. for the Blind and Handicapped, errand/escort service at hospital, tutor for 9th grade Bio students
-Interact Club (community service-based school org.)
- Cheerleading: Football, Soccer, and Basketball Seasons...JV (1 year, captain), Varsity (2 years), UCA All-star ('03, '04, '05)<br>
-JV Lacrosse
-Violin: Seven years in nationally recognized school orch. (but couldn't fit it into my schedule this year :/ ), Area All-State Orch. member, Auditioned for All-State (didn't make it b/c I had a ridiculous judge who was banned from judging after that year. I was allowed to schedule a re-audition for 4 months later, but decided not to bother), private lessons</p>

<p>SATs: (projected) high 2200s (I've been trying ot break 2300 on practice ones for awhile...maybe I'll get lucky in January :) )</p>

<p>-planning to take SAT IIs (def. Bio and US, not sure what else)</p>

<p><strong>Schools I've been thinking about...NYU, UCLA, Duke, Brown, Stanford</strong>
-Are any of these completely out of reach for me? Please be butally honest
-Other schools that might suit me?</p>

<p>~How can I improve between now and application time/where am I weakest???</p>

<p>Sorry it was so long, lol...Thanks a bunch for any help you can give me!</p>

<p>What was the cancer research you did? </p>

<p>Oh and I think you have a good chance at all the schools.</p>

<p>I worked with a researcher and his team at Roswell Park Cancer Institute (1/2 away from where I live, so it was convenient)</p>

<p>-Thanks for the imput, I didn't think I was that competitive...anyone else??</p>

<p>you're gonna have difficulty in ucla, duke, brown, and stanford</p>

<p>Why/where am I weakest? How can I improve my chances at these schools?</p>

<p>cus you dont have your sat scores yet.</p>

<p>and those schools are reaches for most people</p>

<p>ohh ok...anybody else (assuming that I get within my projected range)?</p>

<p>take some college classes during summer or participate in more summer activities. also, try to win some awards and gain some regional/state/national recognition.</p>

<p>those are the things that i dont have and i regret not doing them.</p>

<p>Thanks for the advice, namkim...</p>

<p>How important is work experience? b/c I have none lol...</p>

<p>work experiences arent really needed unless you're doing some internship at some place where they specify on a subject that you want to major in.</p>

<p>well, out of those you stated were reaches...which do you think i have the best/worst chance of getting into? </p>

<p>what other schools should i consider?</p>

<p>no idea.</p>

<p>you should ask again when you're a senior. then maybe i'll have a good sense of where you'll get into</p>

<p>K, thanks...</p>

<p>anybody else based on what i have now?</p>

<p>I'd say if you can attain those status, UCLA and NYU should be no problem for you.</p>


<p>any others?</p>


<p>UCLA: Match (out of state)</p>

<p> much of a reach are Stanford, Duke, Brown, etc. Oh, and also Columbia (even though that's not on my list)</p>