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<p>if you missed the title, I'm one of the scarf-tooting-vinyl-owning-coffee-sipping chic chic guys you see in any major city...(I once dumped a gf b/c of her music taste.)</p>

<p>white male/minneapolis, MN</p>

<p>so, my schools: Emerson/NYU/UofChic/BU/Fordham/Loyola</p>

<p>I'm looking for hipsters and an intellectual atmosphere. UofC is my top choice atm.</p>

<p>-4.1 GPA weighted (6 B's in High School)
-school doesnt rank (my conselor will write that i'm in top 10%) but she cant help beyond that
-Taken every available AP/Honors course (total of 6 AP's, one of which is an independent study)
-29 ACT (getting new results this wedensday) (35 on reading test; two perfect writing test scores) (science/math kill me)
-2x 3's on AP's last year
-710 on SAT II in US History</p>

<p>-Discussion Team Captain (went to State last year)
-Founder and President of Political Debate Society
-Founder and President of the Film Society
-Newspaper contriubtor (don't have editors)
-Local Documentary maker about a school controversy which has gotten attention of local media
-appeared in Minneapolis paper; spoke on Air America radio and documentary appearing on public access TV show and then in syndication on same channel
-other standard activites (NHS/standard volunteering etc.)</p>

<p>-Took classes at Harvard and UofChic over the last two summers. (1 graduate course at Harvard; 2 at UofChic)
-Both UofChic professors writing letters on my behalf</p>

<p>-Eagle Scout</p>

<p>-Go to a diverse high school (70+ students of color/50% at or below poverty line, but 95% graduate and go to college)</p>

<p>-Essay will probably be "meh" (not great and not bad) I'll try my hardest, but it doesn't look like I have writing abilites that would produce a true gem)</p>

<p>No class rank?</p>

<p>Because ACT is a little low.</p>

<p>school doesnt rank.</p>

<p>dude go to UChicago, NYU is too expensive and the student body too cold and nonchalant. You already have connections at UChicago, go there since it would only build your recognition and confidence--the two most important traits in college.</p>

<p>Normally you would be a slight reach at Univ of Chicago--but if you are having two professors from there writing letters of recommendations for you--you will get in if these are any good at all.</p>

<p>As far as the other schools:
Emerson--safe match
Fordham--safe match
Loyola (I presume you mean Loyola of Chicago)--safety</p>

<p>thanks. but do you really think that two UofChic professors will seal the deal @ Chicago?</p>