Chances @ Emory, UC Berkeley... please and thank you :)

<p>Hello, hello :)
Thank you for clicking ;)</p>

<p>I'm 1.5 gen. Korean-Canadian (Canadian citizen), and I'm in grade 11 now.
School: public school in suburban Toronto, Ontario, CANADA.
Probable major/minor: journalism & philosophy co-major if possible. Or journalism & psychology. If I can fit a minor, I'd choose music :D</p>

<p>Unfortunately, my school doesn't offer AP or IB... so I'm taking "enriched" courses.</p>

Gr. 10 (final)
- English (enriched) 86
- Math (enriched) 95
- Science 92
- Band 97
- Strings 96
- Canadian History 91
- Civics 85
- Careers 97
- French 93</p>

<p>Gr. 11 (1st semester, midterm)
- English (enriched) 83
- Physics 96
- Band 99
- Chemistry 90 (summer school)</p>

SAT I Math: 790
SAT I Critical Reading: 640
SAT I Writing: 670

<p>I'm retaking it in 10 days or so. Hoping to reach 2200 point.</p>

- Yearbook committee (Spectrum) head of photography
- Head editor of newspaper committee (Word)
- Head of Physics Club
- Jazz Band bassist/pianist/percussionist (3rd year now)</p>

- Hockey camp junior instructor for two summers
- Student hockey coach for my house league Learn To Play program
- Habitat for Humanity
- Daily Bread Food Bank
- Second Base (homeless youth shelter)</p>

- Gauss Math Contest distinction award (twice)
- Pascal Math Contest distinction award
- Galois Math Contest distinction award
- Cayley Math Contest distinction award
- Music Excellence award in Band (twice)</p>

<p>Thinking of:
- Emory U (heard that journalism program's tough to get in...)
- UC Berkeley
- Stanford U (... yeah, I might be going crazy)
- Boston C
- Brown U
- Pomona U (super crazy high average CR score, but still!)</p>

<p>And on top of this list, I'd like to know which colleges that you think will be a match for me.</p>

<p>Thanks to all :)</p>