Chances? Final College List! ^_^

<p>White Male in a rural New Jersey town</p>

<p>SAT - 2000</p>

<p>CR- 670 M - 660 W - 670</p>

<p>SAT II - Bio 680, Literature 700, US History 710</p>

<p>Taking ACTs on the 28th</p>

<p>~ 3.9 UW
~ 4.2 W</p>

<p>Rank: 11/212</p>

<p>Currently taking:
AP US Government
AP Literature
AP Spanish
Bio II Honors
Wind Symphony


<p>Debate Team (4 Years) Captain
Peerleadership (3 Years) Steering Committee
Teen Institute (3 Years) Counselor
Black Belt in Karate (10 Years)
Envirothon (3 Years)
Academic Team (4 Years) Co-Captain
Science League (3 Years)
NHS (2 Years)</p>

<p>15 Hours/Week at a part time job during the school year, about 20-25 hours/week during the summer.</p>

<p>Essays and recommendations should be pretty good.</p>

<p>Schools: </p>

<p>Connecticut College
Amherst College
Trinity College
Wesleyan University
The College of New Jersey
Rowan University</p>

<p>Thanks in advance!</p>

<p>you have a realistic list and all are great schools.</p>

<p>amherst- big reach
wesleyan- reach
conn coll- match
trinity - match
rowan - safety
tcnj - safety</p>