Chances for a crazy indian doing english

<p>senior indian male who wants to double major in english and computer science. What do you think my chances are ?</p>

<p>Sats: bleh 640 m 640m 610 w (1890)
Rank: 1/398
gpa: like it matters 4.213 (w) off a 4.2 scale</p>

<p>course load : school only offers three aps, take 2 of them (english lit and us history II)</p>

<p>Calculus II at William paterson</p>

<p>have like 20 something college credits completed at Seton Hall University</p>

<p>ECS: lots busy man + 200+ service hours various service projects
most sig is Eagle Scout</p>

ED II Bowdoin (all time dream school not submitting sats)
RD University of Rochester
EA Case Western
EA Oxford College at Emory
EA Worcester Polytech
RD The College of NJ</p>

<p>safeties: NJIT Honors, Montclair State Uni, William Paterson Uni, and Polytec</p>

<p>What do you think, do I have a chance?</p>


<p>I think you have a great shot at TCNJ. Not sure about the rest though</p>

<p>any one else for the other colleges</p>

<p>Dude what high school do you go to? An 1830 and valedictorian? Must not be one for the SAT. Anyways if you are able to apply to Bowdoin without your SAT I would think you'd be a strong candidate.</p>

<p>Excuse me, 1890</p>

<p>Uh I go to Passaic County Technical Institute, yeah its not exactly the best high school for academic preparation.</p>

<p>You are getting into Bowdoin, don't even worry about it. Your grades are steller and you have gone out of your way to even do better by taking college classes. Don't sweat it.</p>