chances for a very unusual girl...?

<p>I know this is long, but if anyone could help give me an idea of where I stand, I would LOVE it~~</p>

<p>I'm currently a freshman at the University of Wisconsin. I didn't go to college out of state b/c of my parents asked me to stay near home to help w/ the family (I have 3 younger sisters and a grandfather living with me). I'm planning on applying as a transfer to Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Brown, Dart, and Columbia. I want to apply because Wisco doesn't have my intended majors (Asian American studies or Gender Studies). Here are my stats:</p>

<p>-Asian American girl
-fluent in Japanese
-competant in Russian
-competant in French
-competant in Korean
-can speak/write Danish
-SAT 1400 (will take again)
-planning on taking 3 SATII's...probably 2 English and a Japanese</p>

<p>-Homeschooled my entire life, straight A's, taught by my dad, a Phd professor at Wisconsin. B/c I've been homeschooled there really is no "concrete" way of judging these classes...but I'll list them anyways:</p>

Algebra I
English Grammar/Syntax
Expository Writing I
French I
World History
Russian I
American Lit

Expository Writing II
Creative Writing Workshop
U.S History
French II
Russian II
Contemporary/Modern Lit
Quantitative Logic

Advanced Algebra
Anatomy and Physiology
Graphic Art
Japanese I
Japanese II
AP. English Writing
AP English Lit
British Lit
Existential Authors</p>

8 months abroad in Tokyo, Japan w/ AFS (July 02-March 03). Studied Japanese econ, Japanese history, Genetics, and Japanese; recieved all A's, instruction all in Japanese
3 classes at U-Wisconsin (09/03-12/03) GPA 3.2 (I know its bad, but I started classes 2 days after returning from Japan, and it was too much of a reverse culture shock for me. Also it's counted as my senior year, so...
Japanese III (A-)
Korean I (B-) I know!
History of Science (A-)
Microbiology (at home, got an A)</p>

<p>I took off the spring semester 2004 to return to Japan where I taught English and worked with missionary English translators and literary translators from Feb-June.</p>

<p>This semester I'm back at U-Wisconsin taking 16 cr. hours of: Chemistry, Women's Studies, South Asian Studies, Anthropology, and Asian American Studies. I'm expecting a 3.9-4.0 GPA for the semester.</p>

<p>SOME ECs:
HIGH SCHOOL: 1000+ voulunteer hrs.
-Three time Featured poet in's annual published magazine
-National merit finalist
-Founder and president of WI Homeschool film appreciation club
-Founder and president of WI Homeschool Japanese club
-Co-founder of CARES, a volunteer tutoring organization for WI homeschoolers
-Co-founder and vice-president of local High School's Japanese Film Club
-Founder and president of local High School's Japanese Club
-English and ESL tutor with Waukesha Literacy Council</p>

-U-Wisco tutor: English and ESL tutoring for underrepresented minorities 04'
-U-Wisco GUTS (greater university tutoring service) English writing, English comp, ESL and Japanese tutor 04'
-Developing a high school curriculum w/ my Sociology professor to promote Asian American history awareness
-Founder and president of WISE, a student group to combat Asian American invisibility in the media, sports and government
-ESL Tutor to Chinese community in Milwaukee County (summer 04')
-ESL tutor to Japanese GE employees in Wisconsin (summer 04')</p>

Played piano for 12 years and won many awards.</p>

-Acting and Playwright awards from First Stage Milwaukee for Best New Play: Wrote, acted and directed new play “This Is Us” 02'
-Young Playwright Honorary Mention from First Stage Milwaukee for New Play, “Working Title” Summer Classical Workshop 02'
-Talent Scholarship awards from Milwaukee Repetoiary Theater 01' and 02'
-Scholarship awards from First Stage Milwaukee 01'-03'
-Intern for First Stage Milwaukee 99'-03'
-Talent scholarship recipient for First Stage Milwaukee Summer Classical Workshop 02'
-Milwaukee Repetoiry Theater production of “Miracle Worker” -Helen 99'
-First Stage Milwaukee production of “Diary of Anne Frank” -Anne 00'
-American Theater Company of Chicago and Milwaukee Repetoiry Theater production of “A Christmas Carol”-Ensemble 00'
-First Stage Milwaukee New Play Showcase of “August Snow” -Taw 01'
-First Stage Milwaukee New Play Showcase of “Even Steven Goes To War”-Xiong 01'
-Acacia Theatre production of “Much Ado About Nothing” - Benedick 01'
-First Stage Milwaukee production of “Little Women”-Beth 02'
-First Stage Summer Classical Workshop production of “A Midsummer Night's Dream”-Puck 02'
-Milwaukee Repitoiry Theater Shakespeare Festival: “Macbeth”-Lady Macbeth 02'
-First Stage Milwaukee production of “The Hobbit”-Gollum 03'
-First Stage Milwaukee production of “A Wrinkle In Time”-Meg 03'</p>

<p>*Bit role in 2000 film “What Women Want” starring Mel Gibson
*Bit role in 2004 film “Mr. 3000” starring Bernie Mac</p>

-1st degree black belt
-Gold Medal 01', 02', 03', Tae Kwon Do Midwest Championships (sparring)
-Teaching recognition awards, 02' and 03'</p>

- Co-founder of The Altar, a youth music ministry outreach in WI
-Summer 02, summer 03': AIDS World Relief trip to Malawi: working with children orphaned by AIDS</p>

<p><em>sigh</em> I know its alot to slog through. Chances please? You have NO idea how much it wouold be appreciated...</p>


<p>Its hard to tell because you don't have all your sat's done. It would be pure speculation I think if people were to state there opinions.</p>