Chances for academic scholarships - Emory, GWU, U Rochester

<p>Just wondering chances for scholarships at a few schools:
U Rochester

<p>Long list, but it's ok :p</p>


<p>Location: Long Island, NY
GPA (weighted): 4.0
GPA (Unweighted): 3.8
SAT: 2250 - 780 Math, 700 Reading, 770 Writing
AP's: Took every AP offered by my school except Biology and Spanish (scheduling conflict).</p>

AP World History
AP Computer Sci (Took this a year early, finished the pre-req in 2wks)
AP English Language
AP US history
AP Statistics
AP Chemistry
AP Physics B (Skipped regular physics, took this a year early)
AP Psychology
AP Calculus BC
AP English Literature
AP US Gov't</p>

25hr/wk job - Manager at a local bagel store.
Mock Trial (Captain, Lead attorney)
Drama production (Technical Director)
Quiz bowl (Captain)
Political Forum/Debate (President)
International Crisis Simulation/Yorker Club</p>

Varsity Riflery (Captain)</p>

National Merit Commended Student
National Honor Society
Spanish Honor Society
American Invitational Math Examination participant</p>

<p>I do not expect ANY financial aid, just wondering about scholarship opportunities (and admissions i suppose). </p>

<p>Thanks for the help ;)</p>

<p>Wow. Those are some damn good stats. Chance for merit/scholarships at all ofthose. What HS?</p>

<p>WC Mepham HS</p>

<p>Heh I know people in Bellmore and Merrick. Dont know the school, though I assume it's a good school.</p>

<p>How about chances of getting into:
Wash U St Louis

<p>btw, I am white, upper middle class (like the rest of Long Island).</p>

<p>Hawk- I hate to respond to questions like this but as we are practically neighbors, I'll try to give you some input. As you know, your district ain't exactly a feeder to Yale-Stanford-Duke etc. Yes a handful of kids from the district do get in, but the odds are not in your favor. What can I tell you, its not Jericho or Roslyn.<br>
My d did get about $11,000 merit from U of Rochester. In the past, if you received over 1350 (old score) you could be assured that amount of $- but that was a few years ago and I am not as familiar with how U of R distributes its money now. U of R loves to see kids demonstrate interest. I suggest you check out if they will be in the NYC area. My d went to an admission session on Long Island and interviewed with alumni in NYC. My d is now at Cornell-ILR. I think you def. have a shot at Cornell too. But you need to decide on which school at Cornell you're going to apply to and tailor your application based on your interests. I suggest an overnight at Cornell- (check out Red Carpet Society) and do the college admission tour (ie- ILR Tour, Human Ec etc).<br>
If you have any specif questions about Cornell, just holla-
Your grades are good- great SAT's (class ranking yet??). I think you have a shot at your schools, but as you know, nothing is guaranteed. A great essay really does help. Good luck.</p>

<p>Also as you are probably aware, the tuition at Cornell for NYS residents in ILR-Human Ec and Cals is around $18,000 so it really is like receiving a "merit award" as tuition at other schools is close to $30,000. ILR likes mock trial and debate background. You sound like a good candidate.</p>