Chances For Admission

I got 36 on the ACT without the writing section, SAT II MATHS 2: 800, Chemistry: 800, IB DIPLOMA, 43 points in my IB DIPLOMA. i am currently studying in the Uk and want to transfer to one of the TOP UNIVERSITIES in USA. what are my chances to get accepted? does anyone know?</p>

<p>so far you look like an outstanding applicant</p>

<p>but these stats are only a small piece of the picture that make up you as an applicant.</p>

<p>If the rest of you is as impressive as what I've seen so far, you'd be a competitive applicant anywhere on our side of the pond</p>

<p>yeah you look really good. have other ecs etc. to back it up and your in. apply to harvard etc. but be warned, transfering is very difficult.</p>

<p>I can't really help, but....43 point IB Diploma? That's amazing, congrats. What uni are you at?</p>

<p>Just keep in mind that the "top" US universities, including Harvard, Yale, and Princeton take very few transfer students each year. However, your stats, if backed up by other achievements, should make you a solid candidate anywhere as others have already said.</p>