chances for an anxious junior

<p>what are my chances to the following schools

GPA: 93
SAT II'S: all over 700
SAT: took old one and not sending it to colleges however taking new one.
2 yrs jv football
getting a position in key club soon
Track 3 yrs
XC 2 yrs
Teaching young children at my local temple
Rockefeller University Science Internship
Who's Who
over 200 hrs volunteering at local hospital, plan to do one more summer</p>

<p>sceptical about Cornell and Georgetown, however i'd say you have a good shot at the others, how do you think your essay's and recomendations will turn out?</p>

<p>Is that unweighted? What is your weighted GPA?</p>

<p>Georgetown and Cornell are reaches. You could get into the College of Arts and Sciences at NYU, but Stern is a reach. Everything else is a match or safety.</p>

<p>weighted around 97. Recs will be excellent. They will be from a teacher who has had me for 4 yrs and an eminent scientist who has had his research published in Science and Journal of Expermiental Medicine.</p>

<p>i thought you had to send every SAT score to colleges? (he said he wasn't sending his old SAT scores) can someone clarify this?</p>

<p>anyone else

<p>Could you give us your exact SAT II scores, along with your old SAT (even though you're not sending it)?</p>

<p>can u just not send the old SAT i was pretty sure that u must show it</p>

<p>700,740 720 and 1540 sat</p>

<p>y would u not send that SAT to colleges its a great score</p>