Chances for an ED Italian at Upenn?

<p>Hi everbody…
I am an international student, attending the 13th grade of a scientific school in Italy(we have 1 year more than you guys).
I spent my last year (my junior one) as a foreign exchange student in a high school in Pennsylvania, near Pittsburgh, where I graduated with highest honors (4.0 GPA), took honors classes and got all As and ranked 72/555, (but when i came there I got no credits for the hard classes I took in Italy, so I started with a 3.8 GPA) Really don’t know how I did that but oh well…
I went back to Italy last June, studied during the summer, and took 8 exams in September to catch up all the subjects that I missed during the year, so now I am back in my 13th grade, with my old classmates. I am doing very good… Even though italian schools don’t rank, I am in the top 2% of my class…
I took SATs while I was in the US, got a 1320 (720 in math, 600 in reading)…
My raccomandations are very good, I got an excellent one from my Math teacher in Italy, and another one that I couldn’t read from my British Literature teacher in Pennsylvania… but i believe he wrote something great…</p>

<p>I have been working since i was 16, but my main occupation is track, I am a sprinter and spend about 20 hours a week running… I lettered twice while I was in America… and good awards for being the most improved athlete here in Italy…
I also tutor children in English and Math and I am the president of the students of my school. </p>

<p>Upenn is truly my dream school… Honestly, what are my chances? Is my low score in the SAT reading part going to affect the decision? </p>

<p>I took the SAT II as well and did not get amazing scores, 670 in Math 2 and 660 in Physics, but I didn’t took any calculus class yet and didn’t do most of the topics in the physics SAT, since I am going to take them next semester… </p>

<p>Let me know what do u think… should I try to apply to some other school?
I want to go to Wharton, so if u think I can’t get into Penn, what are some other schools that may have similar characteristics? </p>

<p>thank you</p>


<p>Have you taken the TOEFL? That is used by colleges to compensate low CR / verbal scores for internationals</p>

<p>I'm not going to comment on your chances, just one week to go! It doesn't matter what CC thinks of your app, the real action is in zip code 19104!</p>

<p>The big question is if you applied for financial aid or not...</p>

<p>True...if you applied with aid, you'd have to be in the top 20 in the world and close to perfect in all areas</p>

<p>i took the toefl and got 269, i think penn asks for a 250 or 260... so i think i have that part... anyways no, i did not ask for financial aid...</p>