chances for BC??

<p>SAT: 800 CR, 710 M, 740 W
HS GPA: 3.2W at a top public school
College GPA: 2.97 (but my grades on my mid-term grade report for this semester are A-, A-, A-, A, so if you count that ive got over a 3.0!!)
superlative rec from a professor who taught at BC and who went to grad school there...
superlative, unique essays (i think)...
also, went to college directly out of junior year in hs</p>

<p>do i have a shot?? anyone?</p>

<p>BC is much more competitive to get into as a transfer, they have about a 15 percent acceptance rate. I'm writing transfer essays for them right now. I'd say it's a reach, but apply!</p>