Chances for Clemson, Syracuse?

<p>I was hoping someone could chance me for Clemson, Syracuse, Providence College, and University of Maryland. If you don't think those are good fits, do you have any other suggestions?</p>

<p>GPA - 3.85 of 4.0
SAT - 1920
Class Rank - top 15%</p>

<p>Course load:
- 7 AP classes (AP Chemistry, AP Biology, AP US History, AP Language & Composition, AP Statistics, AP Spanish, AP Literature)
-remaining classes were honors
-extremely rigorous, if not most rigorous available</p>

-Tutor/classroom helper at elementary school
-SASU (students against substance use - promoting students to be substance free and also planning events for school/community)
-Nursing home volunteer
-National honors society
-Spanish honors society
-Student representative for board of education (hold monthly meetings with board of ed, administrators, and teachers to discuss school)
-Planning committee (for school activities)
-Relay for life (cancer walk)
-Varsity lacrosse
-Varsity Basketball
-Rec league lacrosse ref</p>

<p>Work experience:
-Local retail store (10,11,12)
-Babysitting (9,10,11,12)
-Summer internship at a business - gained a lot of valuable knowledge here, learned about how businesses run, and how to do things like bookkeeping (9,10,11,12)</p>

<p>I know people at all 4 schools and your SATs, GPA, and ECs are better than all of them. Good luck =)</p>

<p>Edit: weighted gpa is around 4.05, not 3.85</p>