Chances for College List?

<p>Standardized Testing:
- June 2011: 2180 Composite (780 M, 780 W, 620 CR)
- Chem - 720
- Math II - 750
- Bio M - 650 (Retake? or not send?)</p>

<p>Unweighted GPA: 3.9
Weighted GPA: 4.332
Class Rank: 2/250ish</p>

<p>AP Classes (so far):
-AP Chemistry (predict a 4 or 5)
-AP Statistics (predict a 4 or 5)
Have taken all honors classes and a gifted english class, as well as an honors level chorus.</p>

<p>Senior Schedule:
-AP Biology
-AP Calculus
-AP Comparative Government
-AP Physics
-Honors English
-Honors Special Chorus</p>

-National Honor Society (President)
-International Thespian Society (Vice President)
-Amnesty International (Vice President)
-Spanish Honor Society
-Peer Counseling
-Math League (Champions)
-Piano Lessons (10yrs)
-Drama Productions and Musicals: "Godspell" (Ensemble), "How to Succeed" (Womper), "Brighton Beach Memoirs" (Stanley), "RENT" (Paul), "The Wiz" (Lion) - extreme devotion and passion for this.
-Small Group Choir
-JV Boys Soccer (9th and 10th)
-JV Boys Tennis (10th)</p>

<p>Community Service:
-Various events/activities through NHS and SHS, including a Book Fair, Sponsoring FOOD at the Annual Cabaret, an Electronics Day, a Charity Auction.
-Tutoring thru NHS
-Teacher Assistant since 10th Grade for the same teacher, 4 hrs/wk
-Peer Counseling: Teacher Dinner, Freshman Orientation, New Teacher Tea, New Student Breakfast, Breakfast for Haiti (2010)</p>

<p>Major Awards, etc:
-Undergraduate Award (9th) - World History Honors
-Undergraduate Award (9th) - Spanish II Honors
-Undergraduate Award (9th) - English I Honors
-Undergraduate Award (9th) - Foundations of Health, Science, and Technology
-Math League Champions (10th)
-Harvard-Radcliffe Book Award (11th)</p>

Summer@Brown 2010 - Neuroscience Course
CJSA Certified Soccer Referee - Discipline
Dunkin Donuts Counter Attendant
Summer Theater Productions - RENT (2010), Footloose (2011)
Private Paid Tutor (2010-2011)</p>

- Major: Pre-Med Track
- State: CT
- Ethnicity: Caucasian
- Gender: Male
- Income: Approx. $100K
- Struggle with a chronic inflammatory bowel disorder (entered high school at 50-60lbs and weak) which has inspired me to want to specialize in gastroenterology and have empathy for others who have similar disorders. Passion... will write my essay about how the experience in hospitals, diagnosing, and tests has changed my view on life and what I want to do with my life in the future with my education.</p>

<p>*My top choice is UPENN ED to CAS. * - What are my chances there?
Other schools on my list, too:
Brown University
Princeton University
Tufts University
Johns Hopkins University
University of Virginia
University of Connecticut
Cornell University
Stonybrook University
Vassar College
University of Rochester
Brandeis University</p>

<p>Thanks for any input!!!</p>

<p>Anyone? :)</p>

<p>I'd like to bump this thread up.... do I seem to match any of these schools?</p>

<p>My top choice is UPENN ED to CAS - you're as strong as candidate as most people...i'd put you in the 60th-70th percentile of Penn applicants, that said: it's one of the top schools in the nation and the world and it's still a reach
Other schools on my list, too:
Brown University- mid reach
Princeton University - high reach
Tufts University - low to mid match
Johns Hopkins University- low to mid reach
University of Virginia- high match to low reach
University of Connecticut - low match
Cornell University - mid reach
Stonybrook University- no idea
Vassar College - low to mid reach
University of Rochester- no idea
Brandeis University- mid match</p>

<p>make sure your essay says whatever it says in an interesting way that says not only a lot about IB disorder but also about you</p>

<p>make sure your teachers have enough information to write very personal recommendations</p>

<p>retake bio, but i'm not sure as it stands that it would hurt you TOO much</p>

<p>and maybe retake the SAT as well, prepare well for it. keep in mind, for your lowest section: writing, that the essay itself is I believe, only 30% of the score. study those questions and in your essay use the best vocab you know how and use 2-3 specific examples to communicate your ideas with an intro and a conclusion</p>

<p>if you have the chance by the time you apply to participate in/make/create something spectacular, take it!</p>

<p>apply to all the schools on your list plus some safeties (maybe stonybrook and uconn? i can't say). </p>

<p>by the way, princeton would be a high reach for most applicants, so don't take that personally and give your app your all. best of luck and i'm sure you'll have plenty of great choices!</p>

<p>Aww, thank you for the reply. I will be sure to follow all of this advice. Except the low SAT section is CR, not writing. I really have one more shot at SATs or Subject tests, and depending on act scores that come out tomorrow, I'll probably end up taking regular SATs again in October.</p>

<p>This is just based on my experience, I'd get second opinions on everything.</p>

<p>It will come down to your essay and LORs. If they are GREAT(not just great) then you will get into at least one of your reaches, if not more.</p>

<p>You'll probs get into your matches.</p>

<p>Thanks for the advice...I think I have a pretty great and compelling topic for my essay, and I am a person that gets along real well with teachers and faculty and am getting an additional recommendation from our principal who has watched me grow throughout high school.</p>

<p>Additional info...scored a 31 ACT. Any new advice or recommendations?</p>

<p>on the low side, imo.</p>

<p>You should have a great shot at Penn ED to CAS. SATs/SAT IIs could be higher, but I think you can write good essays and your ECs are ok.</p>

<p>My top choice is UPENN ED to CAS - Mid Reach, it's possible though
Brown University - mid/high reach
Princeton University - mid/high reach
Tufts University - low reach
Johns Hopkins University - low reach
University of Virginia - low reach
University of Connecticut - safety
Cornell University - low/mid reach
Stonybrook University - safety
Vassar College - high match/low reach
University of Rochester - match
Brandeis University - high match</p>

<p>Thanks to all replies. I completely agree that colleges like uPenn are reaches for nearly everybody. But nonetheless I am hoping that ED plus stellar essays/recs will improve my shot. I decided I am keeping the 31 ACT(11essay) and retaking the SAT1 to improve CR to attain a superscore of 2200+, if possible. But that will be it with tests...I'm only human and don't want to seem like a test maniac/machine like many applicants do... :)</p>