Chances for Columbia/Yale?

<p>I am looking to apply to Universities this year. I want to study political science and economics.</p>

<li>Claremont McKenna</li>

<p>I am an International student; I am from India but live in Singapore.
SAT Score: 2300
IB Predicted score: 42-43 (HL: History, English Lit, Economics SL:Math, Spanish and Biology)</p>

<p>I will be taking 2 SAT subject tests in October- SAT2 Math and Spanish</p>

1. Varsity Tennis Team (4 years)- (however have been on the school tennis team from grade 7)
2. MINDS (2 years)- Volunteering with mentally disabled people.
3. Coaching disabled children in tennis
4. Journalism Team for school newspaper (3 years)
5. Head of Journalism for school economics magazine (1 year)
6. Started up a service project called Ummeed in school (2 years- Chair of the project)<br>
7. Service project called Balvihar (3 years)
8. Volunteered for a summer at Ummeed in Mumbai.
9. Worked as a Waitress in a brunch restaurant.
10. Internship at the best shipping law firm in India.
11. Book club.</p>

1. Have played tennis for 10 years
2. Sing Indian Classical music (8 years)
3. Speak, read and write 4 languages- (English, Hindi, Telugu and Spanish)</p>

1. Won a prestigious singing competition
2. Star player of the season (3 consecutive years)
3. Player of the year (1 year- Best player in the school)
4. Was ranked #10 in Singapore for U16 tennis</p>

<p>I’d say Yale and Columbia are probably reach schools, and you have a decent shot at the other 3. </p>

<p>I don’t know how tennis rankings in Singapore compare to US, but I’m guessing you would be up there, so that definitely helps you for colleges. You’re other EC’s look good. The only thing is that I really can’t tell how you’ll look academically because there’s just not a lot of information there. Are you ranked highly in your school? The EC’s are definitely there though.</p>

<p>Chance me back?
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<p>Hey, our school doesn’t do ranks but IB scores out of 45. It is also considered to be way harder than any AP classes. Also, my school is consistently within the top 10 international school in the world.</p>