***Chances for Columbia?***

<p>Currently a senior in Georgia public high school.</p>

<p>GPA: 3.86 UW
Rank: 20 out of 343</p>

<p>AP Classes:
Language 11 (3)
Chemistry 11 (3)
US History 11 (4)
Psychology 12
Literature 12
European History 12
Physics 12
Calculus 12</p>

<p>SAT: 1990 (740 M, 620 V, 630 W). working on my verbal for november SAT
SAT2: to be taken in US History and Math IIC in october</p>

<p>Puerto Rican male
Single Mother, Low Income</p>

<p>Catholic high school in new york for freshman year (top male at the school)</p>

<p>a bunch of awards that i have somewhere in my house from both schools
academic letter? is that real?</p>

national honor society
beta club
math team
young democrats - secratary
volunteer work with clubs
independent volunteer work at fort gordon</p>

<p>wishing to pursue a major possibly in physics</p>

<p>THANK YOU!</p>

<p>i think if you raised your SAT score in November, you have a really good shot. Good luck!!</p>