chances for ed

<p>Ethnicity : Iranian, can anyone tell me if that works for or against me?
Location : Los Angeles, CA
High School : White Suburban about 4,000 students
GPA : 3:8 unw, 4.3 weighted Total for high school 10 aps and 7 college classes AP Bio, World, Eng , US, Chem 5's AP Span 4 classes taken at college (Philosophy, Theatre, Sociology, Political Science, Statistics, Psychology, Anthropology)
Takin AP Calc, AP Phys BC, AP Eng. Lit, AP Economics
Rank : 13 of 955
SAT 1: 800 m, 730 v, 700 w, total 2240 ( 2nd highest in school)
SAT 2: math 2c 740, us 760
Ecs: AP Scholar
AIME Participant
Founder of Young Democrats Club
Youth Coordinator for campaign to reelect Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-CA)
Debate Club Secretary
Future Doctors of America Treasurer
2,000 hours at medical hospital and hospice combined
National Commendation for Foundations of Life Essay Contest
Honor Roll (9-12) there's some more minor stuff like Key Club and summer activties like research at UCLA and acting at the local community college
Can anyone tell me whether my left-wing views and activism will hurt or help me?
Reccs : One really good, one run of the mill
Essays : Trying to play up character and honesty crap like that,
I dunno if it works for or against me but i think I am the only person in the school applying E.D. Only 2 or 3 applying R.D. at the most</p>

<p>You are definitely in the running! Best of luck to you.</p>

<p>anyone else, jaug1? u got in are my stats comparable to people who have been admitted</p>

<p>anyone seriously?</p>