Chances for Huntsman Program ED

<p>I recently applied to the Wharton Huntsman program early decision and would like to know my chances.</p>

<p>I am a white female from Washington. I attend a catholic school and my target language for the Huntsman program would be russian.</p>

<p>GPA: 4.0 UW
Rank: 1/150
SAT: 2200
SAT2: bio: 800, Math II: 700 US History: 750
AP's: Biology (5) Art History (4) Spanish (5) European History (5)</p>


<p>Volleyball- JV (9) Varsity (10,11,12) Captain (11,12)
Swimming- JV (9) Varsity (10,11,12)
Spanish Club- 9,10,11,12,
Investment Club- 9,10,11,12
Student Newspaper
Aquarium volunteer - 100+ hours</p>

<p>I attended LEAD at wharton (Summer 06)
I spent the summer of 05 in Russia, learning russian through a program funded by the governemnt, were they send kids to countries were not very Americans know/are learning the language. It required that you apply and they only chose a few students to participate. It was free. </p>

<p>I have been self-studying Russian since the begginning of 9th grade, and I have achieved proficiency. (i'm not really anywhere near fluent, though)</p>

<p>My webdesign business, Small Business Solutions, has been moderatly successful. Since I am the only one who designs for it, I have only been able to do 1-3 sites per month.</p>

<p>oh, and my recs should be okay, but they probably wont be great... My essays are excellent, especially my one about international issues, which is required by Huntsman.</p>

<p>You look very strong, but the fact that you only have 1 leadership position will likely hurt you. That's the thing that Wharton is biggest on. That said, all of your other stats are excellent. You probably have a pretty good chance.</p>

<p>You seem like you have a good chance but your SATs could be abit higher. Good luck.</p>

<p>you attended LEAD wharton? I dont remember you.</p>

<p>good rank, get ur SAT up, u should have a legit chance</p>

<p>Thanks for the imput, guys.</p>

<p>her sats fine imo</p>

<p>not for huntsman</p>

<p>Not for UPenn in general more like. Try to hit the 2300 mark. Then things seem a bit safer.</p>

<p>huntsman is like twice as hard as wharton, so 2300 scoring applicants is not uncommon</p>

<p>But definitely better than a 2200 at least.</p>

<p>btw dark_light, what DO u do in investment club?</p>