<p>• SAT I (breakdown):800 CR, 800 M, 730 W
• SAT II: 800 Physics, 800 Chem, 800 Math
• Rank (percentile if rank is unavailable): 1/200
• No AP/IB courses or extra course load offered in school
• Major Awards (USAMO, Intel etc.): INMO(Indian national math olympiad) awardee, Certificate of Merit Top 0.1% in Math, Science, Social Science by CBSE, NTSE(national talent search exam) Scholar, Awarded Scholar Blazer in school for “brilliant academic performance over 4 years”, About 8 full attendance certificates (not sure whether I should write this, looks a bit nerdy)
• Extracurriculars (place leadership in parenthesis): House Activities (Captain) – House won overall and sports trophy, Science Projects (Renewable Energy, Water Harvesting and Regenerative Braking) – State Fair (1st in 09, 2nd in 08), 2nd in North Indian Science Fair 2nd, Project invited for JL Nehru National Fair, Member of Editorial Board, Crucible(Writing club), Won Infosys Catch Them Young, Aerospace Club (Report Selected in Top 40 in Aerospace Olympiad), SJOBA Debate (best speaker and team thrice), Member of group selected to make school website (don’t know where to include this in app.
• Volunteer/Community service: Founder Member a student club and worked as a member for 2 yrs. Club still active.
• Summer Activities: Month long IMO training camp in Mumbai, Exposure to software development camp at Infosys (selected for an extra 2 week project based camp for top 2 students), Travel, Reading, 6 weeks course on C/C++ in 9th grade
• Country:India
• Gender: Male</p>

<p>bump! :slight_smile:

<p>Yes, I know US admissions are a crapshoot for internationals… My safeties are the IITs…</p>

<p>You look 100% qualified for all of those schools. But then again, pretty much everyone applying has amazing apps, especially for internationals. Be sure your essays and recs set you apart, and I’d say you have a very, very good chance.</p>

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<p>my fellow intl student-your credentials are superb,and you must be congratulated on your efforts.Let me caution you though:MIT cannot be a safety.I would urge you to add 2 or more less selective colleges to have somewhere to fall back on in case something happens.Provided you write a good essay that reveals your human side(from your stats you seem to be a supercomputer:),then your chances should be really good.I wish you luck!</p>



<p>^Should read a little more carefully. OP definitely has the right amount of safeties.</p>

<p>@billabongboy-you must factor in applying for financial aid.This can be a real spoiler for intl students(particularly at Cornell,which Im presuming is his other safety).This could find him waitlisted where a US citizen or someone not requesting finaid would walk right in.And besides,it never hurt anyone to have just that other back-up.There are just so many factors at play in the admissions process,particularly for intl students that even a person as qualified as this exceptional applicant may benefit from multiple options.</p>




<p>There is no indication that the OP is considering any of the schools in the thread title as a safety. He has explicitly communicated that he has schools from his own country that he can fall back on. </p>

<p>The fact that you are somehow conjecturing that Cornell is a safety is indicative of how much you understand.</p>


<p>Cornell is by no means a safety for anyone lol</p>

<p>Good chance at all of them dude…sorry I can’t be more specific.</p>

<p>The financial aid is going to make it iffy though.</p>

<p>Just a fun(?) fact:</p>

<p>MIT acceptance rate for internationals last year was 3.6%.</p>

<p>@billabongboy-Correct me if Im wrong,but the OP writes that thetwo(IITs-which I took to mean MIT and Caltech)are his safeties(top of page),which is why I suggested he add 1+ safety schools just in case.I am fully aware of the competitiveness of Cornell,and equally aware of the relative selectivity of the aforementioned schools.My only advice to the OP was to perhaps look at adding 1+ schools he may not have considered in order to optimize his chances of a US education.I dont know how this can amount to ignorance and warrant me clueless-but please do correct me if Im wrong for the benefit of the OP and others.</p>

<p>^IIT = Indian Institute of Technology. It is not synonymous with MIT, Caltech or any other ‘Institute of Technology’.</p>

<p>If you’re applying for aid at these schools, your chances are pretty slim with the exception of Cornell, and especially at Caltech since it is not need-blind for internationals. You need to have some really nice awards if you want to stand a good chance, like international olympiads or something, since you look like you’re marketing yourself as an “academic superstar”.</p>

<p>^All the schools on the OP’s list minus Princeton and MIT are need-aware for internationals.</p>

<p>“All the schools on the OP’s list minus Princeton and MIT are need-aware for internationals.”</p>

<p>Isn’t Cornell need-blind toward internationals this year? </p>

<p>"IIT = Indian Institute of Technology. It is not synonymous with MIT, Caltech or any other ‘Institute of Technology’. "</p>

<p>lol yes.</p>

<p>Good chances at Caltech, since its admissions are very academic based. Cornell is NOT a safety for anyone. I know people who get accepted to HYP and get rejected or waitlisted at Cornell.</p>

<p>^well thats usually because they know they will get into HYP so they waitlist them so their numbers are not hurt by the declined acceptance letter (called tufts syndrome). but i agree cornell is not a safety people on this site seem to think its a bad school which is quite a foolish notion</p>

<p>lol @ mistaking IITs… :P</p>

<p>Great application…</p>