Chances for Johns Hopkins, BU, GW, and others?

<p>Basics: White male
School: Very large public school in suburban NJ
Rank: School doesn't rank but I'm probably about the 85th-90th percentile
GPA: School goes on 0-100 scale, currently 95.1
Probable major: Poli Sci</p>

<p>SAT: March '09- 2040 (680 CR/740 M/620 W, 8 essay)
May '09- 2210 (750 CR/660 M/800 W, 9 essay)
Superscore is 2290</p>

<p>SAT II: June '09; Lit: 730, Math I: 710..taking US History in September or October</p>

<p>EC: Roughly 100 hours at a local retirement home...2 years on school newspaper staff...3 years on undefeated conference champion Quiz Bowl team</p>

<p>Work: Umpire for local youth baseball league...counselor in training at overnight camp</p>

<p>AP: 5 on English Lang</p>

<p>Senior schedule: AP English Lit, AP Psych, AP Macro, AP US Gov, Pre-Calc, TBD business course</p>

<p>Summers: Summer before junior year at overnight camp as counselor in training...summer before senior year at BU High School Honors Program taking 2 classes for credit</p>

<p>Other: NMS semi-finalist, likely to be finalist
Journalism Student of the Year for my school as a sophomore</p>

<p>-anticipating great recs from English and History teachers
-good rec from head of volunteers at the retirement home
-good counselor rec
-will have great essay</p>

<p>Legacies: Uncle graduated from Johns Hopkins Phi Beta Kappa with honors and went on to Harvard Law...he is still involved with many alumni things.
Cousin graduated GW in 2001 and is also very involved (she conducts student interviews on the West Coast).</p>

<p>For the BU summer program I earned B+ in both classes (Intro to Poli Sci and Religion and Culture)...with BU's notorious grade deflation I'd say this would look good for my application.</p>

<p>Overall, what are my chances for BU, GW, American, Johns Hopkins, Brown, and Northwestern?</p>


<p>BU: Match/Low Match
GW: Match/High Match
American: Dunno
JHU: Reach
Brown: Reach
Northwestern: Reach</p>



<p>good SAT scores, but needs more extra corricular...not too late to start, join some clubs and get more community service and u'll be fine.
BU: Match/Low Match
GW: Match
American: Match/safety
JHU: Match/Reach
Brown: Reach
Northwestern: Match</p>

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