Chances for Macaulay Honors

<p>School does not rank or calculate GPA, but I have all A's with the exception of one B in 9th grade. I go to a private, Jewish school with a dual-curriculum (judaic and secular courses). Have taken all the hardest courses my school offers.
- 1st time - 30 composite, 34 M, 31 R, 25 S, 29 E
- 2nd time - 33 composite, 32 M, 32 R, 34 S, 34 E
APs: US History (5) European History (4) Language (4) Chemistry (3)
Senior Year Courses: AP Calculus BC, AP English Literature, AP Physics, Jewish History, Arabic
Co-Founded Math Lab in my school in my junior year, have been running it since
Tutor out of school (2 years for free, 2 years pay)
Co-Captain of Varsity Baseball</p>

<p>PSAT National Merit Commended Student
AP Scholar with Honor </p>

<p>Macaulay at Queens is my top choice. Then Hunter, Brooklyn, City College. Also applied to University of MIami </p>