Chances for me getting into JHU

<p>Whaddup. I'm really curious about where I can make it. </p>

Maryland resident
Korean (born in the US)</p>

Rank: top 15%</p>

2310 (first time)
670 BIO E
700 Math (both where taken sophmore year)
Gonna take English Lit and Korean SATII later. </p>

Piano: played for almost 12 years. Won too many regional and state level competitions.
Won a couple national competitions.
Performed at Carnegie Hall and the Kennedy Center couple of times. </p>

<p>Kumdo: I don't really know how to explain. its basically the japanese kendo
done it for 7 years. almost 2nd degree black belt. won various national tournaments</p>

<p>SGA on the school and county levels for all years in high school. been ptsa rep, sergent in arms, boosters rep, treasurer, and vice president. done too many stuff to say. invited to attend alot of leadership conferences both statewide and nationally. </p>

<p>FBLA: won a couple awards at the state level and have been to the national conferences</p>

<p>Member of STEM club, NHS, Maryland Tech Honor Society, and Spanish Honor society </p>

<p>Alot of community service such as food drives, vaccinations, alotttt of fundraisers, and a couple of mission trips with my church where we built churches and homes for 3rd world countries. </p>

<p>Course Load: The hardest you can take in a relatively prestigious public school with about 330 students in a graduating class. </p>

<p>What are my chances into getting into Johns Hopkins, Uchicago, Notre dame, boston college, northwestern, and wake forest? Thanks in advance.</p>

ill chance back. please chance me?
oh and i also am looking at dartmouth and georgetown</p>

Uchicago-Low Reach
Notre Dame-Match
Boston College-Match
Northwestern-Low Reach
Wake Forest-In
Dartmouth-Mid Reach

<p>You have pretty awesome SAT scores and grades and strong ECs so it shouldn't be a problem to get into some of those schools. Chance me back</p>

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i just chanced you</p>


<p>와우! 당신은 확실히 접수하실 수 있습니다. 좋아, 당신은 메릴랜드에 살고 그것도.
And im also looking at Johns Hopkins ^^
(sorry if my Korean is not too good. Still learning xD )</p>

<p>Oh and mind replying to my post?</p>

<p>Your GPA is a bit low, as were your SAT IIs, but your SAT I is really great...</p>

<p>Johns Hopkins- high-ish reach
Uchicago- reach
Notre dame-reach
Boston college- low reach/high match
Northwestern- high-ish reach
Wake forest- I don't really know enough about it to say...</p>

<p>But honestly, the admissions game is always hard to predict, and a lot of the time, is downright surprising! The truth is you won't really know until you get back those letters next year, so technically your chances at every school are either 0% or 100%, not all that 14.758% mumbo jumbo... Good luck!</p>

<p>thanks to all. bump it up.
@cookiemonster94, ill chance you later</p>


<p>please rate! bump bump bump.</p>

<li>Get higher scores from SAT II: I suggest you to take Math level II subject test rather than Korean.</li>
<li>Raise your UWGPA and class rank as much as you can.</li>
<li>I hope your ‘piano awards’ works for you. But, other than that your ECs are generic.</li>
<li>I hope your Maryland residency help you for JHU.</li>

<p>Chicago and Dartmouth: High Reach
JHU, Northwestern: Reach
Notre Dame: Match
Wake Forest: I don’t know much about this one.</p>